Smile Pretty Cure: Happily Ever After is a Smile PreCure AU by TwinklingCupcake. It begins shortly after the midseason battle between Pretty Cure and the Bad End Commanders, and features several dramatic changes from the original canon, incorporates more of the fairy tale themes, and also features a new Cure working for the villains.
It can be read here.


Things are definitely different for the Smile Pretty Cure. Not only have the Bad End Commanders stopped using Akanbe, not only is Pop revealing some surprising secrets to them, but there's a sixth Cure too? And without Akanbe, the girls can't get the Cure Decor, so how will they awaken the queen? And speaking of which, why didn't Pop know there were more Decors?

Things are going to get a bit more complicated...


  • Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy: The leader of the Smile Cures, and a huge fan of fairy tales. She loves happy endings the most, and thinks it's the best way to end any story. So she's pretty concerned and upset by the sudden changing of her favorite stories' endings, and is determined to put things right. However, she might change her mind, as she finds a few stories that had ended badly even in the original text.
  • Akane Hino/Cure Sunny: One of Miyuki's best friends; although she's not much for fairy tales herself, she's concerned about the situation with the stories for Miyuki's sake.
  • Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace: A young girl who hopes to be a manga-ka and a dear friend to Pop, Yayoi is certain that Pop knows a lot more than he's letting on, and wants to know what his secrets are. She wishes she could help Pop and her friends, but she feels she can't help them unless she knows exactly what to help with.
  • Nao Midorikawa/Cure March: As an older sister, Nao feels a strong sisterly bond to Candy, and resents Bad End for bringing her so much suffering. She's promised to help Candy, and to help restore Marchenland to its former glory. She's also not very pleased to hear about a new Cure, one who works for the villains at that, as she thinks this person should have known better.
  • Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty: The most level-headed and mature of the group, Reika does feel there is something wrong about the stories suddenly gaining bad endings, but she has the oddest feeling about it. Not that it's right, but that maybe this is more complex than Miyuki and the others think.
  • Candy: A fairy from Marchenland, she's stunned to find out she actually knows very little about her home, and about her mission. She's angry at her brother for hiding things from her, and is worried about what else she might not know. It certainly isn't helping her earlier fear of being useless.
  • Pop: A fairy, and prince of Marchenland, Pop actually knows the truth about the Bad End trio – that they were all fairies from Marchenland. He blames himself for 'allowing' them to be taken in by Joker, and for Marchenland's slow disintegration. But he doesn't want to tell the Cures the whole story, partly out of fear and guilt, and partly because he feels he'd be dragging them into a mess that shouldn't have been theirs to start with.
  • Wolfrun: One of the Bad End Commanders, Wolfrun has a very negative view on love and friendship, believing it to be all a lie. He's irritated by Joker and the new Cure, the latter especially as he feels like he's being forced to baby-sit. But he does begrudgingly come to accept the situation, so long as he and the others continue to keep Akanbe Noses from purifying and achieve their goals faster.
  • Akaoni: One of the more foolish and childish of the Bad End Commanders, Akaoni is excited by the change of plans, as it means he's free to goof off and play more. Despite his past, and Wolfrun's warnings about friendship, Akaoni is actually eager to interact with others. Perhaps it's a result of being alone and bullied his whole life – he's simply hungry for a friend.
  • Majorina: Once a young woman/fairy, Majorina found she was cursed to look older after her bargain with Joker, as her older form was more fitting for a villainous fairy tale character. This has actually upset Majorina a great deal, and she spends a lot of time trying to create a spell or potion that will make Majorina Time permanent and give her back her original body. She's the second-happiest about Magica's appearance, delighted to have another woman around Bad End, and considers herself to be Magica's older sister; if only she could get her to stop calling her 'Grandma.'
  • Joker: A mysterious harlequin who recruited the Bad End Commanders and Amaya to revive Emperor Pierrot and ruin Marchenland. Not much is known about him; where he came from, why he speaks so freely for Pierrot, or why he's not surprised – nay, is actually delighted – with the fact that Magica can take in Bad Energy. The Commanders note that he seems to have mostly dropped his initial 'fun' personality from earlier...he quite likely has his own agenda, and might not be loyal to Pierrot at all.
  • Amaya Murasaki/Dark Cure Magica: A girl from another class who likes fairy tales, though most of the ones she reads have sad endings. It turns out she was recruited by Bad End, and is fighting on their side, though she doesn't appear to know exactly what their goals even are. She befriends Miyuki and the other girls, none of them realizing she's actually the dark Cure who keeps diverting their attention from the Bad End Commanders. She also seems to have the ability to take in Bad Energy, though not only does it not go to Pierrot, but it has some odd effects...


  • Cure Magica began as a roleplay OC; her story is of course, very different from how things progressed in the roleplay.
  • Some of the changes to the canon, such as the Miracle Jewel being broken and creating the Smile Pacts/Decors, are simply because the author thought certain elements could have been utilized more or done better.