2114 Pretty Cure is a fanseries by Noire76, about some hypothetical scenarios of how humankind would look 100 years from now. Hey, some might be even wild and out of left field! This is just the beginning of a looooooooong series with many many hypothetical events, and they will have their own page (i.e. This page is just hypothetical theory number one!)


The United States of America is no longer united. An epic civil war in North America which makes the American Civil War of 1861-1865 look like a minor war has completely divided "The States", as well as Canada and Mexico. The result is the complete Balkanization of North America. Alas, elsewhere, was no better! Imperialism, colonization, water wars, food wars, and overall strife has gripped the world from Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. They took their wars to space after colonizing many planets.

It's now the year 2114.

The new imperialist Japanese Kingdom, which conquered the Korean peninsula, Hong Kong, Manchuria, Siberia and Oceania, was born. Greater China conquered the rest of East Asia which was not claimed by the Japanese Kingdom, fully assimilated the Tibetans into Chinese civilization; China also claimed Indochina. The Hindu Empire was formed after India conquered Pakistan.

In Africa, Saudi Arabia has allied with Israel (eeeeeeeeeehhhhh!!!!) to form Saudi Israel and took over North Africa (except Egypt and Sudan, which has joined forces with their Black African brothers) at the indigenous Berber's expense, Turkey (in which the Saudi Israel allied with the Armenians seeking revenge for the Armenian Genocide), and Iran. Sub-Saharan Africa was fed up with corruption, and made a 'Spring' of their own! After the 'African Spring' was successful, an African-American immigrant from Detroit, Michigan, moved to Egypt and became the head of state, and then allied with South Sudan and Darfur instead of the more Islamic Sudan and defeated the Sudanese forces, united the three countries with a Pan-African civilization, and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa joined forces with Egypt-Sudan to create the United States of Africa, and Egypt and Sudan got rid of everything Arabic and Islamic that has influenced their civilization, and made Swahili the official language, with many other indigenous languages of Africa being official as well.

In Europe, the European Union was no more. British Isles finally becomes part of one nation, the Republic of Ireland joins the UK, but with the Irish language has become recognized, and Ireland gets back the six counties of Ulster that they lost. The Cornish also break away from England to form Cornwall, but still stays in the UK in exchange of the Cornish language being official. Scotland and Wales fought valiantly, but the Tories ultimately destroyed the Welsh and Scottish separatists, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland looks as stable as ever. The Scandinavian countries all unite to form the Union of Scandinavia. Germany annexes the rest of the Germanic States, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltic States to form Germania. Belgium broke up, because the Flemish and Walloons were tired of sharing the same country; the Flemish join the Netherlands, and the Walloons join France. Portugal and Spain form Hispania. Somewhere along the late 21st century before the big North American balkanization, Russia succumbed to the West and Saudi Israel, and Russia was completely influenced by American values, and has adopted English. This new Russia becomes more tolerant to the Western, Jewish, and Islamic values. The Russian imperialists and other nationalists who could not tolerate such a result fled south and west to other Eastern European/Eastern Orthodox Christian, Central Asian and a few Caucasian countries. They eradicated Islam in Eastern Europe (which gained ground there in the middle 21st century) and Central Asia, and forced the Muslims of those areas to assimilate to old Russian/Eastern Orthodox culture and values, and New Russia was born.

In the Americas, the Caribbean becomes one country, the Spanish-speaking South American countries form Nuevo Espana, Bolivia and Colombia were briefly part of it, but the Incas fought back and won, forming the New Incan Empire. The Central American countries form one nation, and Mexico splits up into Mexamerica (Northern Mexico + Southern California, most of Arizona and New Mexico, and Western and Southern Texas) and South Mexico. Northern California formed the state of Alta California, which early on, was part of Mexamerica, but won independence after a 7 year war. Many indigenous people such as the Navajo, Cherokee, Choctaw, the Dakotas formed new nations. The South becomes a nation again, but this time, without the burdens of slavery & racism which has plagued the region since colonial times (certainly the growth of some major cities and improving race relations are helping). The new Dixie does not use the Confederate flag because they deem that it is too divisive, but adopts a new flag with a peach surrounded by a heart. New England and the Maritimes form Acadia. The rest of the Northeast + Maryland, Delaware, and Washington DC join the Great Lakes states and the Province of Ontario to form Laurentia. Quebec finally gets the result they want, to be an independent nation. The rest of the Midwest + the Plains Provinces of Canada form the Farm Belt, the Intermountain West + Eastern British Columbia and Alberta form Frontier, and the Pacific Northwest + Western British Columbia and Southern Alaska form Cascadia. The rest of Northern North America became a part of the Eskimo Nation.

And the Supernations have colonized Outer Space and terraformed many planets. The spirit of these nations will live on as they have colonized many planets, while the weakest nations were late to create their space programs and will surely die, or already has died.(The details of the Outer Space colonies are coming soon)

The countries of the world have invested on the Pretty Cure program: The program consists of creating a team of magical girl androids capable of bolstering national security. They are equipped wiith the latest magical technology that can help their countrypeople. The program is not without its flaws though. The androids can be airheaded at times, and are pretty emotional, so they may mindlessly do something that can screw it all up, so it is up to the nations to work out the kinks before they do something against their national interests. It is a risky program.

Who will come out on top in this clash of civilizations??