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Rules - UPDATED 8.12.17

  • Be nice to each other. This should go without saying.
  • This wiki has a zero tolerance harassment policy. I also thought this went without saying, but apparently it needs to be said. If we catch wind of you bullying, harassing, or otherwise being a crappy person to someone, you're out. Permanently.
  • Don't go changing people's stories because you feel something else fits better. Also don't brag, there's no reason you should feel the need to talk about how your fanseries was the first to do whatever - no one cares in the long run.
  • If you do not want critique on your story, please mention this somewhere on the page. PrecureOCs is meant to foster discussion and give feedback, however we do understand that not everyone's willing to put their story up to the chopping block.
  • Do not go actively changing someone else's story unless the author gives you explicit permission to do so. Correcting typos and offering suggestions is always fine! But actively changing something (or ORDERING someone to change something because you disagree with it) is a terrible thing to do.
  • The author of the fanseries is the only one allowed to make the fanseries page for that fanseries. Others are free to typo correct, as mentioned, however the fact remains that the author of the story is the person who has final say for their page. This does not mean you magically are obligated to not take critique, it just means you as an author should be allowed to govern what does and does not go on your wiki page.
  • Please do not use art that was not made specifically for you. Dollmakers are fine, as is art you drew yourself and art that other people have drawn for you. You are not allowed to grab images off Google or Zerochan and edit them to be your characters, nor are you allowed to edit someone else's art to be your character. In addition, please make sure to credit the artist that drew the art for you!
  • This wiki is protected by a creative commons that specifically states No Derivative Works. This means that you cannot rip-off someone's story or create a "rival" series that is meant to be a ripoff of another story. Parodies are a case by case basis, and series "adaptations", "reimaginings" or "alternate universe stories" absolutely require author permission. Please be sure to let the creator know before you do anything - and if they say no, then the answer is NO.
  • This is a wiki with a heavy emphasis on FAN CHARACTERS. However, canon based rewrites/retellings/alternate universe fics are a-okay! Sequels and prequels are fine too. Please put some creative thought into them though! No one wants to read a story that's exactly the same as the first one!
  • Crossovers between Pretty Cure and other stories is only allowed as long as there is a Pretty Cure focus. In essence, you are free to write about Pretty Cure characters placed in another universe (see: Curemon) however, this is absolutely not the wiki to write your epic story about Saint Seiya characters becoming Precure. Go take that somewhere else.
  • Fanseries crossovers and cameos can only be done with author permission! (Crossovers between your own stories is always fine though.)
  • Please limit all file uploads to being under 1MB. Anything that is 1MB and above will be removed, though you may reupload it once you resize it and bring it into compliance with the limit. Also if you need an image file deleted, please notify one of the admin staff so that we may remove it!

Getting Started

  • Register to join the wiki and wait to be approved!
  • Create a section for your stories on the Fanseries Index page.
  • Create a page about your story!
  • If you're not sure how to start, we have a template you can use! Here are instructions on how to use it. Taking a look around and seeing the other fanseries pages can help too.
  • Want to spruce your page up with icons but you're not confident in your art skills? (Or maybe you just like making icons?) Here is a good icon maker, here is another good one, and here is a fantastic one!
  • Do you need a page deleted or renamed? Make sure to post about it here.
  • Have a suggestion? Post about it here!


  • Canon Fanfic Index: A list of everyone's canon based stories. Is it a prequel? A sequel? A retelling? An alternate universe fic? If it involves a canon season, it goes HERE, not the fanseries index. Separated by creator!
  • Fanseries Index: A list of everyone's fanseries stories, separated by creator.
  • Shared Motifs Index: Some series may share the same motif, This list was made to keep track of the common motifs between the fanseries.
  • Standalone Cures Index: Cures that are created for canon seasons - and fanseries fancures too! - as well as fan-created Cures that don't have their own story. Non-cures (like the Kiryuu sisters, Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose) are allowed here too! Sorted by creator.
  • Author Index: A list of the fanseries and character creators.
  • Series Progress Index: A list of completed and in-progress series.

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