Abyss is one of the antagonists who appear in Lovely Teatime Precure, a general of the Phantom Empire, and the primary foe the Lovely Teatime Precure face early on.

Basic Info

Name: Abyss
Age: Appears 16
Favorite Things: Hanami Dango, Koyuki, masks
Dislikes: Starless nights, kitsune udon, Deep Mirror
Talent: Moving without being detected
Area Effect: An empty void
Abilities: Darkness, Shadow travel

Appearance: Kazuki is a very slender young man who only stands at around five feet, five inches and overall doesn't look very masculine at all. He has very notable pure black eyes and light gray hair, which he wears pulled into a ponytail that ends just beneath his collarbone. His skin is quite pale as well, as he doesn't really seem to get much sun. Typically, he's seen wearing very concealing clothing no matter what the weather, and is always found with some kind of mask on- though what type varies between oni and fox masks.
Dream Seiyuu: Kimura Ryohei
First Appearance: "

Backstory and Personality

A general of the Phantom Empire, Abyss has a rather mysterious air about him, and isn't one to speak much. With completely black eyes, and an overall quiet nature, he can seem more like a doll than a human at times. This is perhaps because he does appear to be a living doll- complete with ball joints, though he can sleep and eat much like a human can. He's not overly aggressive, though he is clearly very powerful, and at times his Saiarks can be difficult to fight, his area effect disorientating to people who aren't used to it. Rarely bringing Choiarks with him to fight, Abyss is often the type to fight fair, often ceasing an attack if he discovers his opponent isn't capable of fighting at the moment. Although he's loyal to Queen Mirage and obeys her words largely without question, he doesn't seem to extend the same loyalty towards Deep Mirror, and doesn't trust him. Whatever he's thinking, he either chooses not to voice, or cannot voice- it's difficult to tell with Abyss, considering that his expressions are impossible to read.

In spite of being their enemy, Abyss slowly builds up a relationship with the Lovely Teatime Precure's friend, Koyuki, and seems to be developing something akin to romantic feelings for her. What's more, it appears that he might have some kind of connection to Solaris, though what it is, he doesn't appear to be able to remember- and she won't speak of it herself. Unlike the other Phantom Empire generals, he doesn't remember anything about his life before becoming a general, and it's hinted at that he might have not even been human to begin with, given his appearance. The fact that he is in possession of feelings in spite of being a doll is something that earns him endless torment from Imari, but it's also something that Koyuki insists very firmly is a good thing.