Academia Pretty Cure is a fanseries created by Ryta-chan that explores the theme of school and transitions in life. The series has thirty-six chapters/episodes and can be read on


Learning, learning, it's just how the saying goes; Every day you learn something new.We grow every day as humans, every day as sentient beings with access to so much knowledge, so much's like, like we could never fail! At anything!
But then, it always happens.
Be a major or minor setback, we all end up failing at something at some point in our lives. Be it a form of rejection or literally failing something. This feeling that comes with the setbacks isn't solely guilt and disappointment. It's the cries of the inner scholar feeling hopeless. Feeling like, a failure.
Univer City is a land far away, realms away from the human world and this is the biggest land of knowledge in the world. The inner scholars will to learn and grow is what empowers and brings all the knowledge into this land. Making into something like a physical manifestation of wisdom. As long as we're learning, this place is safe. At least, as long as there aren't any threats's safe.
But then,the temptation to give in must have it's own land too, to balance things out. Temptasia exists for the lone reason to erase the need for knowledge and thrives for nothingness, in every realm possible. Because, with the inner can we grow as individuals? How can we,dare I say..exist?


Renge icon.JPGRenge Kotori / Cure LiteratureLiterature icon.JPG
Voiced By: Reina Ueda (Japanese) Erica Mendez (English)
Intro: The subject of awe-striking writing and powerful empathy, Cure Literature!
Main Attack: Pretty Cure, Language of Justice!
Theme Color: Red

Renge is a brash, somewhat awkward girl who attends Seinori High School.She's in her final year of High school. She loves reading with a flaming passion and has a bad habit of spending more time doing rather than, socializing. But she has plenty of friends and their aware of this quirk of hers, meanwhile everyone else is just wondering if she actually has some form of personality. When not reading, she draws and dreams of becoming a graphic designer. And when she is around her friends or even people she's just comfortable with, she is a very charismatic, loud lady.

Kanari icon.JPG

Kanari Mizukage/ Cure ArithmeticArithmetic icon.JPG
Voiced By: Kaori Shimizu (Japanese) Brina Palencia (Japanese)
Intro: The subject of calculations and absolute precision, Cure Aritmetic!
Main Attack: Pretty Cure, Problem-solving Paradox!
Theme Color: Blue

Kanari is Renge's best friend who rarely shows up to school. Not because she's
sickly or anything, she just doesn't like going to school. But she goes enough amount of times so she can pass; the bare minimum if you will. She's also in her final year. She's actually pretty good school so she fails to see anything wrong with skipping so much. She dresses in goth fashion and has dyed her hair snow white. (She hides her roots with a hair-colouring spray she found in a Halloween shop.) She's very fond of jewellery and can be rather eccentric at times, harassing Renge relentlessly and teasing her whenever she feels. But despite all that, she has a good heart and is always ready to stand up for what she believes in.

Chiyo icon.JPGChiyo Sakurami/Cure HistoryHistory icon.JPG
Voiced By: Sora Amamiya (Japanese) Tara Platt (English)
Intro: The subject of generations past with tales that are sure to last, Cure History!
Main Attack: Pretty Cure, Ancient Revolution!
Theme Color: Yellow
Chiyo is a girl in second-year who flaunts a dignified air around herself, rarely, if not ever, cracking a smile and is ever so serious twenty-four seven. She appears to be very fond of museums and has a part-time job at a Smoothie bar at the mall. Chiyo's mother has been working overseas as a fashion designer for years so she's taken the place of her mother in her household, making sure she can be as dependable and mature as possible for both her sister's sake and maybe even her own. She loves anything related to angels and because of her house and appearance, everyone is usually under the impression that she's rich, which really isn't the case.

Yugure icon.JPGYugure Hoshina/ Cure ScienceScience icon.JPG
Voiced by: Kana Hanazawa (Japanese) Erin Fitzgerald (English)
Intro: The subject of experiments and endless discoveries, Cure Science!
Main Attack: Pretty Cure, Covalent Antidote!
Theme Color: Green
Yugure is a girl in third year who also goes to Seinori with the other Cures, but she's in a different class from Renge and Kanari. Soft-spoken and a little timid, Yugure's a curious and caring girl nonetheless who loves Science and is on the volleyball team. She has more friends than one would imagine, causing Renge and Kanari to call her Miss Popular (When she really isn't.) She has a love-hate relationship with shopping as whenever she shops, she'll spend all her money unwillingly on things she fears she'll never see again. She also is a close friend of Tsubaki. In the future, Yugure dreams of becoming a bio-chemist like her mother.


Voiced by: Takeshi Kondo
An orange little bird who hails from Univer Kingdom, he has been sent by the Headmistress to save his world and the human realm. He is a brave, mellow, somewhat nerdy being who enjoys being at Renge's side, even if though she can be a little more on the aggressive side at times.

Voiced by: Ryohei Kimura
A green toucan who can be very loud, and the overall complete opposite of Renny, who doubles as his brother. He's the younger of the duo and appears a little later in the series.

Voiced by: Sachi Kokuryu
A cream and grey coloured bird who is the younger brother of Renny and Topher, Xan is an out-going carefree individual who appears much later in the series after being forced to emigrate to the human world.

Voiced by: Ai Maeda
A brilliant, somewhat intimidating woman, the Headmistress is the Queen of the Univer Kingdom. An all-knowing being, the Headmistress is the keeper of the Book of Omnipotence.



Voiced by: Atsumi Tanezaki
Jika is a woman who is very, very obsessed with time. She's always worrying that there isn't enough and longs for more when most of the time, there's already more than enough. She also seems to be pretty much scared of most things, and is ever so remorseful whenever she finds herself in trouble.

Voiced by: Emi Shinohara
A woman who looks as if she just arrived from the Victorian era, she is a calm, mysterious figure who always has her eyes closed and her hair kept within a large bonnet. For the most part, she appears to be the most level-headed of Temptation, except for when she lets her emotions get the best of her.

Voiced by: Masakazu Morita
Rishi is a man who specializes in things such as hypnosis and is a frequent user of things such as cannabis and sometimes sedatives. Generally, he seems very relaxed and is more quick-witted than most would assume. He also possesses the ability to turn normal rooms into strange surreal terrains and can 'glitch' out of somewhere at will.

Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama
Temptasia's right hand man, virtually nothing is known about him. He accompanied her in trying to steal the Book of Omnipotence, but hasn't been seen ever since.

Leader of Temptation, Temptasia is a very bold woman, who is trying to get rid of the book of Omnipotence for unknown reasons. Not much is known about her but for the most part, she seems rather short-tempered and unforgiving.



Sanae Kotori- Sanae is Renge's mother. She's a sharp, snazzy woman who loves her kids very much. She likes to think she's strict towards Renge and Hikaru, but she really isn't. She works as a waitress a restaurant called Mizumoto Meadow; the restaurant is owned by Kanari's father.

Daisuke Kotori- Daisuke is Renge's father. Not much is known about him aside from the fact that he is constantly at work and Renge finds him annoying a majority of the time.

Hikaru Kotori- Hikaru is Renge's little brother. The two are two years apart. At home, he tries to spend a lot of time around Renge, whether it's playing games or watching tv but for some mysterious (not really) reason, whenever the two are at school, he avoids her at all costs as if she's the plague. Which is something that Renge has yet to catch on about.

Tadaki Mizukage- Tadaki is Kanari's father. He's a very loud and big-hearted man who tries his hardest to help his kids with whatever problems they have, and usually he is successful in these attempts. He's the owner of Mizumoto Meadow and has been best friends with Sanae for over twenty years.

Mitsuko Mizukage- Mitsuko is Kanari's mother. She's a very calm yet stern lady who wants the best for her children, but she feels her kids are deliberately choosing paths to ruin their own lives. She works as a loan officer.

Sayaka Mizukage- Sayaka is Kanari's older sister. She's constantly searching for a job since her chequing account is running dry and her mother refuses to enable her. Whenever she gets asked why she needs the money, she simply responds by saying,'she needs to afford her aesthetic and her lunch.'

Ando Mizukage- Ando is Kanari's little brother. He's only eleven and he's a very benevolent boy. He has a strange obsession with hats and loves to watch Kanari do math homework, in her "Mathari Mode".

Yoshino Sakurami- Yoshino is Chiyo's mother. She's a rather quick-witted, trendy woman who works overseas in America as a fashion designer. But she doesn't go and visit her family as often as they would like. She is also a long-time friend of Renge's mother Sanae.

Hajime Sakurami- Hajime is Chiyo's father. He appears to be a friendly, calm man and works as a realtor.

Yukari Sakurami- Yukari is Chiyo's little sister. She is thirteen years old and the complete opposite of Chiyo, being very free-willed and in love with fashion. She tries very hard to look older a lot of the time but her efforts are mostly failed ones coupled with her height and Chiyo's disapproval.

Shiho and Hisao Hoshina- Yugure's parents who both work as biochemists.

Friends and Faculty from Seinori

Kokoro/ Neji Natsumoto
Voiced by: Ryo Hirohashi
A close friend of Renge, Kokoro is a very kind, giving girl who goes by the name Neji frequently because she is a FtM transgender. But for now, she doesn't mind being called Kokoro. She's very much into musicals and anime and is also a freelance actress. (Although she only had a few small roles here and there.) She's always there for Renge and even though the two haven't known each other for long, they feel a very strong bond between each other.

Nao Han
Voiced by: Hiro Shimono
A boy who Renge sits next to frequently during Art club. Nao is a quiet, somewhat cynical individual. He's prone to teasing Renge and deadpans her frequently. He's a bit of a geek and generally during his free time, he's on his tablet. He can be somewhat of an elitist when it comes to things like anime and video games, which Renge finds very..interesting. Most of the times, he expresses little-to-no emotion, so the fact that he seems to be able to emote so much around Renge (Well, more than usual.) must mean..something.

Shinko- Another friend of Renge's, Shinko sits near Renge in Art club and after watching Renge and Nao argue all the time, she decided to befriend Renge, thinking she was a nice enough girl. Shinko is only a first year and loves theatre along with movies. She enjoys reading as well and always carries a book with her to Art club; a book that's usually quite thick, which generally Renge finds impressive.

Ayano Akayama- One of Renge and Kanari's friends, Ayano is a very studious girl who is also in Renge's art club, though the two don't sit near each other. The girls have known Ayano since first year and consider themselves good friends with her, though sometimes it would appear that she's caught up in her own little world.

Tsubaki Kemuri- Tsubaki is captain of the girls' basketball team. She's very tall and a super sweetheart once you get to know her. Everyone thinks she's amazing at basketball, and at her favourite school subject, Chemistry.

Manaki Hijima- Manaki is a skateboarder who is pretty famous around the school for his rather successful skateboard career. He was going to compete in Nationals, but just a week before the competition, he broke his leg. But, Kanari was able to convince him that this wasn't the end of his skateboarding career. He's a rather easy-going, out-spoken kid who likes to write his name on anything he can find, granted he has a pen. His skating motto is, "Have wheels, will shred!"

Shigeru Endo- A boy in Renge and Kanari's homeroom, Shigeru is a very quiet boy who keeps to himself most of the time. He also has no clue on just what he plans to do after high-school, and originally believed it was too late for him to think of something, but the girls convinced him otherwise, and Renge has made friends with him ever since then.

Akemi Mayushiro-The student body vice-president, Akemi is a very upbeat girl who is very dedicated to her role as vice-president, always making sure everything is in order, whether or not the student body president Miki Maizawa is around. When she's not organizing events or doing paperwork for the student council, she spends her time in dance club.

Miki Maizawa- The student body president, Miki tries very hard to be as friendly and genuine as she can be to her student body and has no trouble in doing so. She excels in all her studies and strives to make the school as great as it can be with her limited power as president.


Fountain Pen of Knowledge- The transformation items used by the Pretty Cures. Each pen is the theme colour of the respective Pretty Cure using it and accented with either gold or silver. As a a pen, it doesn't work unless they have something to warn the Cures about. Then the pen will rattle around vigorously and so, the Cure will have to pick it up and let it write it's message for them.

Book of Omnipotence- This book holds all the knowledge ever uncovered by humanity and all the knowledge yet to be uncovered. Alone, it is gathering this information defensively but when used by someone, the book is able to grant absolute power and wisdom to the user. Currently, the book is missing, and now the Pretty Cure and Temptasia are searching for it in hopes of finding it before the opposing side does.


Univer Kingdom- The physical manifestation of all the knowledge found from everywhere. The Headmistress rules the kingdom and is currently protecting it from further destruction from Temptation.

Seinori High School- The high school that all the Cures attend. The school is pretty standard but has a few things that make it unique from the other high schools in the city. One thing being students aren't required to wear the blazer that come with their uniform. Some do, others wear sweater vests, cardigans, or the plain white shirt by itself as an alternative. Also, instead of having only one club to be a part of, students are given the choice to belong to two clubs and so they may alternate between clubs each day. (Some clubs require a second club for entry.)


Song Info
Performed By
OP 1
Smarten up! It's Pretty Cure Time!
Nana Mizuki
ED 1
School's Out!
Kanako Miyamoto


Episode #
Release Date
Oh, wasn't expecting that..
It's back to school at Seinori High and of course, everybody is either excited for or dreading this day for their own reasons. For Renge Kotori, she would usually be thrilled at this time of year. But rather, it's the exact opposite, considering she lost a bet with her friend over the summer and has to convince everyone she's into goth fashion now for three weeks. But on her first day, she meets a little fairy named Renny whose tall tale may have Renge's fashion issue become the least of her worries.
So, lemme get this straight..
Renny explains to Renge her Pretty Cure duties and informs her about the state of his homeland.
Welcome back, Miss Hooky
Renge's best friend Kanari appears in her bedroom and finds out she's a Pretty Cure! And when she does, she's told by Renny she herself may even be a Pretty Cure, causing the two girls to form a bet between the two of them; Kanari betting she is a pretty cure and Renge betting she isn't. But the next day, when they see their student council vice-president in a bind and have her Inner Scholar taken out, it's up to Renge to save her, but will manage on her own this time?
Ooh, A Collage fair
After the first day of clubs, Renge gets a form to go to a college fair! Sounds nice and all, but not everyone is able to see all the positive things this event has to offer.
Why hello there, Topher
Renny's brother Topher has entered the scene! But, his interests for now currently reside in Kanari and finding out how seriously she takes her job as a Pretty Cure. To determine whether or not she is truly worthy of such a title, the two preform a math-competition, only for it to end in an indeterminable finish when Topher unintentionally transforms into his human form!
So, I've had my eye on this kid
Renge has found herself crushing on this boy in her art club! No big deal, as long as she can keep things feelings at bay while trying to save Univer Kingdom from the threat that Temptation and maintain her academic success. Yup, no big deal at all...
A Birthday Party for Kokoro?
Renge's been invited to Kokoro's birthday party! Sounds great and all, but just what is she going to get Kokoro? Well, after some thought, she decides on something, a handmade stuffed animal but, when Renny gets placed in the bag instead of the stuffed animal, it's up to Kanari to fix this mess!
Cold as Ice
After a battle in a museum between the Pretty Cure and one of Zephora's Delinquouses ensures, Cure History awakens! But, after the fight is over, she tells the girls that she doesn't want to be Pretty Cure! Can the team convince her to join? Or will they continue to fight as a struggling duo?
It goes into the net Kanari!
Realizing that a club was never found for Kanari, Renge and Chiyo set out to find their fellow Cure a club. After going through a list of clubs, the girls decide basketball is a good enough fit, though Kanari does not. Although, even though initially hateful towards the sport, Kanari grows to like it a bit more, then fear it all over again once the first game comes up. Will the team win?
Ok, let's go to the Aquarium
For their second date, Renge and Nao decide to go to aquarium. Fun right? Which it was until they find a stressed out tour guide and Temptation shows up.
It's been Two Years you know
Chiyo's mother has come to visit! But strangely enough, the person who seems to be the least excited about this is none other than Chiyo.
Does this mean we're a team?
Upon realizing that Tsubaki may be the final Pretty Cure, Kanari tells the girls in hopes that they think otherwise. But unfortunately for the white-haired girl, her friends have figured that out already. So, they decide to go to the away-game for the girls volleyball with Tsubaki in hopes of encountering someone from Temptation to see whether or not Tsubaki is there girl.
You wouldn't have recognized me in Middle School..
While trying to run to school due to oversleeping, Kanari bumps into and old friend and the two reminisce about middle-school, making Kanari miss those old days. So, to try and do something about this sudden loneliness, Yugure suggests that Kanari should hang with an old friend and try to rekindle a flame.
A Pretty Cure Sleepover?
The girls are having a sleepover! But, it appears that Renge isn't the only one hosting a sleepover in her abode tonight..
A Happy Clock and two unlikely duos
Renge and Kanari hear about this new cafe called the Happy Clock and immediately their suspicions are raised. But after being roped into going to a mall with Chiyo, it seems it's up to Renge and Yugure to investigate! And of course, eat as many desserts on the menu, you know, to check for any trace of Temptation...
I challenge you to a cook-off!
What was supposed to be a relaxing barbeque in the park near the outskirts of town between the families of the Pretty Cure turns into a heated duel between Renge's mom and Kanari's dad to see who's the better chef! Who will be the winner?!
That's it! I'm moving out!
After discovering a new trend that piques Kanari's interest, Kanari decides to dye her hair some pretty wild colors. Much to the disapproval of her mother who claims Kanari has to either dye her hair back or she will dye it back for her daughter herself. Frustrated, Kanari decides to leave her house in search for a place to stay. But where she winds up is somewhere she would've never expected!
An imminent, unexpected reality
The girls are going into their final week before Christmas break and they are all incredibly stressed out for their own reasons.
Reach out to the stars!
After the events from the day past, Topher go to see Yugure after being told to by Renge. At Yugure's house, Yugure reminisces over days long past and an old childhood friend.
Train! Like your life depends on it!
The girls head to Univer City to train and the Headmistress directs them to an island called Nichibotsushima to do so.
Into the Tsundoku Caverns we go!
The Cures are sent to the Tsundoku Caverns to enhance their magical powers and meet an odd wanderer on the way.
Better safe than sorry
Once the girls return from Univer City, Renny grows immensely suspicious and a tad paranoid, to the point of wondering whether Chiyo might possess the strongest Inner Scholar within her upon seeing her perfect test scores.
Ando wants a dog?
Kanari's little brother Ando finally declares that he wants a dog and Kanari is forced to decide whether or not she'll allow him to have one.
Here comes the bride
When Renge goes to get her prom dress with the girls, they meet up with Kanari's friend Natsuhi and her sister Touko, who is getting married.
Job searching at it's finest
After overhearing a conversation between her mom and uncle where the latter dubs her as irresponsible for her age, Renge decides to look for a job. Meanwhile, Jika begins to have some strange dreams.
Check and mate
After going to frozen yogurt parlour to celebrate Renge getting a job, the girls discover someone amongst their group has another alter-ego separate from Pretty Cure. That alter-ego being a chess champion and idol to tweenage kids.
Silver Platter you say?
Yugure and the girls gets stuck trying to help one of Yugure's friends by preforming at a restaurant! Meanwhile, Renny and Topher are informed about the current state of Univer City thanks to a certain someone who's having a rough time trying to adapt to her new life in the human world.
Party hard or party home
Renge's going to a cast party a fellow classmate is holding after the school play has been put on, but Renge's unsure of what you're supposed to do at parties like this! Will she able to survive the night?
A problem to solve
When a tutoring session with Tsubaki leads to meeting Tsubaki's secret crush, Kanari is asked by Tsubaki to accompany her in confessing to him for moral support.
Nice to meet you, Xan
The Pretty Cure get to meet Renny and Topher's little brother Xan! Upon his arrival, Xan brings with him a request from the Headmistress saying that she needs the Pretty Cure's help to escort some civilians from Univer Kingdom to their temporary homes. Easy enough, right?
Study Buddies
Chiyo is requested by a classmate to help tutor his little sister.
Worth the risk
Renge gets accepted into a University outside of town and tries to figure out whether or not she should go through with going out of town for University.
It wasn't supposed to be like this
With the girls being able to feel the final battle drawing near, the team is having doubts on whether or not they should fight back and if they stand a chance.
The ideal reality
The girls are met with their first obstacle in the newly-made Temptation castle.
At ends with myself
Having escaped the false realities, the Cures fight against denizens of Temptation, one on one.
The Cures have all managed to defeat each of the denizens from Temptation, and now, all that's left is to battle against Temptasia herself.


  • Renge's name is recycled from a scrapped Cure from Believe Pretty Cure. But instead of Kotori as her surname, it was Kotoi. The two were very different, but in regards to appearances, they looked strikingly similar.
  • Both Renge and Yugure's civilian forms were both first revealed in Halloween images; Renge's in 2014 and Yugure in 2015
  • Academia Pretty Cure and Pretty Cure Monster Mania share a universe with Chiyo and Wakaba of the respective series being cousins.