Because the main United Worlds page was so large already, I created this page to contain further information beyond the plot synopsis and character briefings.


  • Major Land: The first of the mysterious worlds to make itself known to the people of Earth, it would seem that Major Land was always connected to the Earth in the first place- it simply existed high in the sky, above the clouds, however. It's ruled over by Queen Aphrodite and King Mephisto, and it's a country of music. There is a grand music academy located there, which accepts students from every world.
  • Labyrinth: When Labyrinth first became known to the people of the various worlds, it was because it was trying to conquer them all. Under the reign of Lord Moebius, it was a world without free will. That has changed since his defeat, but the people of Labyrinth are still adjusting to having their own will.
  • Trump Kingdom: One of the kingdoms that appeared alongside Major Land, the Trump Kingdom is a world of princesses, knights, and magic. Some of the most powerful magic users come from the Trump Kingdom, and the most powerful of all is it's princess, Marie Ange.
  • Sweets Kingdom: A kingdom that appeared after the fall of Labyrinth, the Sweets Kingdom is a small world that's filled with all sorts of fairies- strangely they all seem to resemble Earth animals.
  • Marchenland: A kingdom that appeared after the fall of Labyrinth, Marchenland is a country of fairy tales, and it's a place where many fairies live, many of it's residents modeled after figures from fairy tales.
  • Land of Fountains: One of the other worlds that appeared alongside Major Land, the Land of Fountains is a world that is split into several other worlds, all revolving around mysterious fountains with equally mysterious powers. Reigned over by Princess Filia, it is home to many spirits.
  • Exorcism Division Main Headquarters: The main headquarters of the Exorcism Division and a gathering place for the group, it's exact location is a secret. It seems to be located in it's own pocket dimension, and is protected at all times by a powerful barrier.
  • Yotsuba Manor: The home of Alice Yotsuba, it is a Western style mansion that sits on the outskirts of the capital.
  • Major Land Embassy: Located in the center of the capital, not far from the palace, the embassy for Major Land is one of the more sprawling ones, because of the two countries close connections. Ako, Ouji, Kanade, Souta, and Ellen all reside here.
  • The Black Forest: A massive, sprawling forest that lies several miles outside of the capital. It is said that all manner of youkai and monsters live here. Ira, Marmo, and Bel live here.
  • World Tree: The legendary tree that was once said to connect all of the worlds with it's branches. However, it seems like it was destroyed long, long ago.
  • World Gate: A magical gate that connects the various worlds, allowing people to travel from one to another. For the longest of times it lay forgotten in every world- until it was discovered in Labyrinth.
  • Tree of Hearts: A legendary tree, which does not currently exist, that is said to be connected to people's beautiful hearts. When it is thriving, so are the hearts of the people.
  • Sky Tree: A tree that lies in Yuunagi, the Sky Tree seems to have many mysterious properties to it.
  • Tree of Sorrow: A cursed tree, that does not currently exist. It is said to be the source of all suffering and despair in the world, and is the counterpart to the Tree of Hearts.
  • Ruin: A mysterious other world whose gate was found recently, though said gate opens up onto a world that has apparently already fallen into ruin. Nothing can be born there and nothing lives there anymore.
  • Blue Sky Kingdom: A small world that doesn't have a gate that's been opened yet, it exists as a floating country, much like Major Land once was. Hime accidentally traveled from here onto Earth.


  • Heart Seed: A seed out of legends, that is said to be able to give birth to the Tree of Hearts. It's current location is unknown.
  • Sorewatase Seed: A seed out of legends, that is said to be able to give birth to the Tree of Sorrow. It's location was once known, sealed away in Mont St Michel, but it seems to have been stolen.
  • Miracle Dragon Glaive: A legendary item from the Trump Kingdom, it once belonged to the princess. When the Trump Kingdom sealed off it's borders, the Miracle Dragon Glaive mysteriously appeared in the human world, and fell into the hands of the vampire girl, Regina.


Episode Number
First Appearance of
"Everything Begins With a Fake Kidnapping."
Having always desired to prove himself to the other monsters of the Black Forest, half-oni child Ira is determined to do so by kidnapping a princess- and has his sights set on Rikka Hishikawa, a birdcage princess living in virtual isolation. What he doesn't expect is that she comes with him willingly- and that his action will be the spark that will set off an unstoppable series of events that will shake not only Japan, but all of the parallel worlds.
Ira, Bel, Rikka Hishikawa, Raquel
"Everything Connects to the Flower Girl."
Tsubomi Hanasaki, a flower shop girl living in the capital, has resolved that today will be the day that she makes a conversation with Itsuki Myoudouin, the wonderful customer who comes to see her everyday. However, things don't go as planned, and as she's walking home that night, feeling dejected, she crosses paths with a mysterious injured boy. This encounter too, sets off a powerful spark.
Tsubomi Hanasaki, Itsuki Myoudouin, Olivier
"Everything is Told by the Traveling Girl."
Determined to make her dream of collecting stories from all over the parallel worlds a reality, Miyuki Hoshizora has been traveling with her close friend, Yayoi Kise, and their bodyguard, Pop.
Miyuki Hoshizora, Yayoi Kise, Pop
"And Everything is Watched by The Scheming Girl."
Alice Yotsuba, the founder of the Exorcism Division, is currently dealing with a matter of great importance- the Trump Kingdom has suddenly closed it's borders, without any apparent reason. Feeling that there is more behind this, she quickly locates one of the citizens isolated from their kingdom- Makoto Kenzaki, a royal bodyguard. And with this, one last spark is lit.
Alice Yotsuba, Yuri Tsukikage, Makoto Kenzaki
"The Little Samurai's Quest Begins!"
After his mistress is kidnapped by an oni, Raquel decides that he'll search for the princess himself, and rescue her from the monster's clutches. At least, that's his original plan- but the Black Forest turns out to be more than he can handle by himself. Luckily he crosses paths with the vampire girl, Regina, just in the nick of time. Then again, maybe the monsters would have made for better companions... this girl can be pretty demanding!



































  • Although the Cures that were left out were mainly done so out of the author's personal opinion of them, Shiny Luminous and Milky Rose were solely left out because the author has no experience with them outside of the All Stars movies, and likely never will due to dropping their prequel series.