Adela Mason is one of the Cures in Sweet Reverie Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Taurus, the Knight of Stone.

Basic Information

Name Meaning: "Noble"
Surname Meaning: "Stone-maker"
Age: 23
Birthday: September 5
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 171 cm (5'7")
Blood Type: A
Favorite Things: Writing, meditation, bubble tea
Dislikes: Nightmares, excessive activity, curry
Talent: Writing
Fears: Fire
Dream: To become a world-famous author.

Civilian Looks: Adela is olive-skinned and somewhat tall, with wavy purplish-violet hair tied into a neat bun and grayish-violet eyes. One of her legs is significantly weaker than the other, and she usually depends on a leg brace to aid her mobility. She also wears horn-rimmed glasses, being near-sighted. During colder months, her casual wear consists of a violet v-neck sweater with black trim, a gray dress shirt, a black pencil skirt, dark gray hose, and black dress shoes; during warmer months, she wears a black peasant top with multicolored floral print, dark gray dress pants, and black loafers.
First Appearance:
Dream Voice Actor: Hyo-sei

Backstory and Personality

Cure Taurus

Transformed Appearance: As Cure Taurus, Adela's eyes turn bright purple, and her hair lengthens, tints bright lavender, and becomes done up in an "ox horns" style and ornamented on one side by a black stone-shaped barrette. She has lavender hoop earrings and a dark violet choker studded with black gems. Her Cure outfit consists of a black dress with rounded lavender shoulder pads, a black cape and cowl with sharp edges, gold trim, and lavender lining, a gold circular badge with lavender ribbon trim which depicts a black minotaur, a gold belt with a stone-shaped buckle, and a layered black and lavender skirt, worn over black bike shorts. She wears black shoulder-length fingerless gloves, thigh-length dark violet stockings, and thigh-length black boots with violet folded tops.
Theme Colors: Black
Intro Speech: "The rumbling knight of stone, Cure Taurus!"
Attacks: "Pretty Cure Marble Riser".
Item: Taurus Rod

Attack Info

  • Pretty Cure Marble Riser: Cure Taurus creates a ring of floating, sharp stones, which can be directed to slash at an enemy or left to encircle her, creating a damaging short-range barrier against direct physical attacks.

Item Info

  • Taurus Rod: Cure Taurus' personal sidearm, a silver wand topped with a black stone-shaped crystal. It is used to channel energy for her attack.