Aether Glow Precure is a fanseries by Kokoruu with a bird and Roman mythology motif. It's set for 13 episodes and a sequel. It can be read here.


Cassandra Cecil is an eccentric inventor that lives on the outskirts of the city of Demetria, building strange flying machines that she dreams of using
to travel to the Sky, a boundless azure plane described to her from stories passed down from her mother. Her family has always been ostracized from the rest of the city due to their believe that there's anything on top of Demetria besides miles of rock and dirt. Cassandra's only friend is Henrietta Rendon, who works at her family's tavern.

On a trip to the library, Cassandra and Henrietta hear a beautiful flute playing, coming from a forbidden room in the back of the library. Cassandra goes to investigate, and Henrietta follows to try to talk her out of it. They both end up sneaking in, where they meet the player of the song, Edel, daughter of the leader of the Senate, whose entire body is complete concealed under a cloak.

Edel is shocked that they were able to hear her song, and after they introduce themselves, they find that she shares Cassandra's interest in a outside world. She takes them to a hidden room in the Senate's office, and reveals a strange creature trapped in emerald. After touching it, Cassandra accidentally releases the creature from it's prison, who introduces herself as Pepper once the initial confusion wore off. She can't recall anything about her past or herself, other than the fact that she needs to get back to the surface desperately for reasons she can't remember.

Cassandra and Edel immediately agree to help Pepper return to the surface, though Henrietta is less than enthusiastic about the prospect. Unfortunately for her, the decision is out of their hands once the three are discovered by Senate guards, which culminates in them being chased back to Cassandra's house, where one of her machines is given flight by a mysterious magic power used by Edel.

The four eventually make it past the barrier and into the surface world, but it's nothing any of them were prepared to face.


cass headshot new.pngCassandra Cecil / Cure Janus
Intro: "By the light of the aether, a sky of new beginnings, Cure Janus!"
Main Attack: Precure Sky Strike, Precure Luminous Wave
Theme Color: Red and black

Cassandra is an independent, passionate, and fiercely determined young woman, but tends to get completely lost in her projects to the point where she forgets to eat and sleep. She has a natural curiosity that tends to get her into more trouble than naught, and she can't help but try to figure out what makes things tick. While she's a whiz at machinery and puzzles, interacting with other people is a bit more challenging for her.She's blunt and overly logical, which makes her come off as uncaring for other people's emotions. It's also very easy for her to go weeks without socializing when she's really caught up in something interesting.

Cassandra has an open mind and accepts input and new ideas easily, strengthened by her family's history of being rejected by the citizens of Demeteria for believing in the Sky; she didn't want to become someone so close-minded like that. Even though she's pretty reclusive, she's still best friends with Henrietta, and she cares about her dearly even though she shows it in odd ways. Her representative bird is the robin. for new growth and rejuvenation.

henri headshot.png

Henrietta Rendon / Cure Vesta
Intro: "By the light of the aether, a sky of love and protection, Cure Vesta!"
Main Attack: Precure Sky Dance, Precure Luminous Wave
Theme Color: Blue and white

A warm-hearted, compassionate young lady whose father owns Demetria's only tavern. She's popular and well-liked, and she attracts many customers with both her delicious food and pleasant company. She can be over-emotional and tends to blurt out things she doesn't quite mean when she's angry or upset, though experiences positive emotions just as strongly. She has a good head on her shoulders and listens to others troubles intently and gives good advice. She can be genuinely scary when it concerns the well-being of someone she cares about.

Despite making friends easily, she's a bit withdrawn and doesn't like to speak much about her thoughts and feelings, and keeps a lid on what she doesn't want to let out. Family is extremely important to her, and she loves her father and siblings with all her heart. Her dream is to inherit the tavern from her father and make a family of her own. Her representative bird is the swallow, for protection, hearth and home, and proper perspective.


A cheery little bird fairy, Pepper can barely recall small bits and pieces of her past. The only thing that really stands out is the severity of returning to the surface. She's easily spooked and has a habit of cowering behind the nearest person or object, but she won't let herself be so scared as to not do what she has to. When she returns to the surface and finds the Sky Emblems, she recovers a bit more of her memory and is able to give Cassandra and Henrietta the power to turn into Precure.

edel cloaked.png
Daughter of the leader of the Senate, Protea. She's not allowed to leave the Senate estate, and spends most of her time reading. She's quite precocious for her age, well-mannered and well-spoken. However, she longs to be able to play outside with other children, and not have to cover her face. She longs for a life more than being stuck in a room, and believes that there must be something else beyond Demetria. Her most prized possession is a flute her mother gave her.

The personification of the Sky and creator of the planet; she's the one who sent Pepper to Earth. She's been weakened in the years following the earth's destruction.


The snake goddess that was the protector of the Earth, she grew jealous of Caelum and hateful of Earth's inhabitants since they paid more respects to the sky than her own domain. She attempted to destroy the world, but Caelum and her Precure of the time were able to seal her in the center of the Earth, though Python was able to unleash her dark magic unto the world beforehand, and it was turned into a wasteland devoid of life.

Twisted beasts that are neither living nor dead, whose only purpose is to destroy anything it comes across.

Stalking Shade
A peculiar Shade that follows the group and instigates fights, but is much more powerful than a normal shade. Pepper feels like she's met it before.



The mysterious group of leaders that have been in charge of governing Demetria for as long as anyone can remember.

The leader of the senate, Protea is a fair and just leader, and despite the mystery surrounding her (no one outside the Senate has ever even seen her), she's popular among Demetria's populace. Protea has an iron-will and the only thing she cares more about than keeping her city safe is her daughter, Edel.

Protea's second in command, a graceful and loyal woman who can command others to obey her with just her voice. She's never seen without a smile regardless if she's praising you or giving you a lecture. She hates any kind of rebellion of disobedience and squashes it immediately.

Somber and long-suffering, Statice spends most of her days reminiscing of the past. She interacts little with others and speaks even less. She seems to harbor a great guilt inside of her.

The youngest member, with less memories of the past than the others. She tends to not take things very seriously, and is very cheerful and energetic. She's the one who planned all of the holidays in Demetria.


Sky Emblems
Golden badges imbued with magic that lets the Precure transform by shouting, "Pretty Cure! Light of the Aether!"


A spiraling underground city and is thought to be the only place that exists with life. Animals do not exist in Demetria, and people live off of produce they grow on farms.They have small buildings and electricity, though the only means of transportation besides walking are the electric trolley or bikes. All their water comes from a seemingly infinite underground reservoir.


Episode #
Release Date
"The Sky's The Limit!"
Cassandra Cecil is an outcast in the city of Demetria, due to her belief in something called the Sky and that she does nothing but building flying machines. But she does have one friend in Henrietta Rendon, daughter of the tavern owner. On a trip to the library, the pair discover a door with music coming out of it, and find the player to be the previously unheard of daughter of Protea, who shows them another secret being kept by the Senate: the existence of a bird-like fairy from the surface world named Pepper.
"By The Light of the Aether, The Precure Are Born!"
On the surface world, the group runs into dark monsters called Shades who attack them, but Pepper was able to find the lost Sky Emblems that allow Cassandra and Henrietta to transform into Precure.

"Haunting Memories"
As they travel around the world, Pepper is slowly regain bits and pieces of her memory. The group happens upon a village and find a diary belonging to a girl before the planet's destruction. They are attacked by a extremely strong Shade who the Cures are unable to purify.

"Two Hearts Divided"
Henrietta misses her home and family, and Cassandra's attitude is not helping matters. They each go separate ways, but are each attacked by a Shade and can only use their purification attack when they're together.

"A Coward's Decision"
The Senate discuss the past and future of Demetria. Statice makes a choice.









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