Ahoy! Pretty Cure is another fanseries by TwinklingDiamond, it is scheduled for 30 episodes, two movies, and an All-Stars. It features a heavy pirate and treasure thematic with a subtheme of taking a chance. It's also the author's first time trying to make a series without the template.


Cure Compass is a Cure who was born on Earth and at age eleven became a Cure after meeting a near dead parrot fairy named Captain who had been searching for the ten Treasure Gems ten stones that when collected are capable of performing three wishes. Which were on Earth and no one knew how to get there. Captain had been searching alone to save Treasure Island a large place that was once peaceful and prosperous though taken over by the Greed Armada a power evil quartet of pirates. Being the only one to escape he searched alone for a whole week.

Eventually he became shipwrecked by the Greed Armada and fell through a portal at the bottom of the sea and became horribly damaged upon arriving on Earth. When found by a eleven year old girl and bandaged up he began talking to her much to the girl's excitement. Though he remembered a legend said by the Queen before he left about warriors called Pretty Cure and opened the bag he managed to keep with him. She took one of four PreChest and became Cure Compass in the process and began searching with Captain for the gems and fought against the Greed Armada for two years.

Finally at age thirteen she was done for, she ran in front of Captain and got captured by the pirates, thus they lost the two Treasure Gems they had. Which were the only ones any of them found over the two years. Now Captain must find new Precure...but questions have been raised. Where has Cure Compass gone? Why have they taken her? And does her disappearance have something to do with Captain's partial amnesia and two missing girls? And is one of them Cure Compass?

Pretty Cure and Allies

Maki Umikaze/Cure Tide
Voiced By: tba
Intro: "Bringing in a new hope for all, Cure Tide!"
Attacks: Tidal Sweep, Tide Mirage, Tides Hope, Tidal Borealis
Group Attacks: Tidal Anchor(with Cure Anchor) and Tidal Rainbow(with Cure Sunrise)
Theme Colors: Ocean Blue and Foam White

Aged 15. Maki is a hefty girl who loves sea creatures of all kinds and is a bundle of endless hope. Maki is a true friend who accepts anyone and everyone for who they are no matter what. She is a vegan as she is a heavy animal activist and doesn't believe in slaughtering animals for food and stuff like that. This leads to her and Ruri having arguments, but her love for the ocean and giving others hope made it easy for her to become Cure Tide. But behind this mask she is insecure about herself and her weight, though never wants to bring people down with her own problems.

Ruri Watanabe/Cure Anchor
Voiced By: tba
Intro: "Keeping strong against the harshest winds, Cure Anchor!"
Attacks: Anchor Crash, Anchor Chains, Anchor Hook, Anchor Arise
Group Attacks: Tidal Anchor(with Cure Tide)
Theme Colors: Black and Seaweed Green

Aged 15. Ruri is a pale skinned goth who unintentionally scares people though sometimes just does it for the heck of it. She is a tomboy too and the only one who seems to be able to rival Asako's strength. However, Ruri is a truly sweet girl who loves seafood, much to the dismay of her teammate Maki. She also loves herself a good adventure, so being a part of this whole Precure gig is a sweet deal for her -- and it helps her get new friends which is a bonus for her. Despite her hard shell she actually is scared about what could happen if they fail.

Asami Matsuoka/Cure Horizon
Voiced By: tba
Intro: "Light shining across the beautiful ocean, Cure Horizon!"
Attacks: Horizon Sunshine, Horizon Flag, Horizon Blaze, Horizon Sunburn
Group Attacks: Tidal Rainbow(Cure Tide), Horizon Beacon(with Cure Compass)
Theme Colors: Sunset Orange and Neon Yellow

Aged 14. Asami is a giant ball of endless happiness and a girl who can put a smile on anyone's face. She never acts shy around anyone and isn't afraid to say hello to a total stranger. Though sometimes this can cause her to falter as her being such a kind girl causes the villains call her weak. However don't think Asami is just plain adorable, she comes from a long line of kick boxers and kendo fighters. However, never uses her skills unless needed, but did make it easier for her to adjust to being a Cure.

???/Cure Compass
Voiced By:
Intro: "Navigating to find even the toughest treasure, Cure Compass!"
Attacks: Compass Combustion, Compass Navigation, Compass Arrow, Compass Arrow Volley
Theme Colors: Gold and Silver

Aged 13. Even though Captain can't remember her name he does know that he was saved by the girl when she was eleven and that they managed to collect two Treasure Gems. She is a bubbly girl who as a giant obsession with pirates and treasure, so being Cure Compass is a dream come true. However her clumsiness and non-athleticism made it hard for her to fight solo, though she did for a long time. She also has a good heart despite her sometimes sudden outburst and eccentric behavior, but her and Captain are the best of friends, forever.

Voiced By:
A rainbow parrot with a pirate hat on his head. While he is currently guilt ridden that he wasn't able to save Cure Compass he is determined to save her and find the ten Treasure Gems. He has partial amnesia which was caused due to a severe blow, so he can't remember Compass's real name, though he is a kind hearted bird. Captain can be quite defensive and blames himself even more that he hadn't found the three other Cures earlier.

Voiced By:
A gray rat escapee fairy who wears a tattered blue ballgown with a mini musketeer sword She appears in episode five having escaped in the nick of the time taking a small boat only for a storm to knock her down to Earth. She is fashion savvy and a bit snooty sometimes but is a giant softy -- who tries to cook, much to her unsuccessful attempts. Raft unlike Captain seems to be a bit more active in battles.

Setting sail towards a new adventure, Ahoy! Pretty Cure!

Greed Armada

A man who's legs are pegs, he is also tall and lanky. He always seems grumpy and bad mouths his lackies, not caring about their safety in the least. He also is the leader of the four and he always speaks in a monotone voice, though Peggy never cares for chit-chat. He seems to have a crab.

A teenage girl around Maki's and Ruri's age. She is very mysterious and other then summoning a Nusumu she never speaks and never taunts the Precure preferring to not to involved in such petty things. Hook however has a reason for not talking though she can't say what it is and acts like a panicky mouse. She became a member a week before the story's events. She has a mouse motif.

Patch is probably the most roofless of the pirates and is buffed up and wears standard pirate wear with an eye patch. He uses pure brute force and doesn't care what the consequences are. He has huge pride and won't back down from a fight and will fight until he can't anymore, as such he doesn't summon as many Nusumu as the others. He has a shark motif.

Currently in a coma.


The Cures transformation it looks like a standard treasure chest that is small. To transform Captain or Raft or both shoot out a key that unlocks the chest. To transform they put the key in the hole similar to Fairytale Dream and turn it and yell; "Pretty Cure, Reveal The Treasure!"

Treasure Cutlass
Four Cutlasses that appear a few episodes after the mid-season point, the handle is the sub color of the Cure while a gem in the hilt is the Cure's main color. They can perform their group attack; "Pretty Cure, Shining Treasure Jackpot!"

Treasure Gems
Ten gems which the Cures must find they can grant three wishes.


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Song Info
Performed By
Set Sail, Precure!
Nana Mizuki
Legendary Shanty
Sakura Station


Episode #
Release Date

Movie 1
Ahoy! Pretty Cure The Movie: Setting Sail To The Dark Abyss
Takes place around Episode 14. Maki, Ruri, and Asami are invited on a special cruise and bring their mascots with them. However things begin to go south as a terrible storm appears and the ship gets shipwrecked. They appear on a strange island in the bottom of the ocean, separated. It's race against time before Coral destroys them. Power up is they get special mermaid forms.


  • Asami seems to be the only one who can actually perform a duo with Cure Compass.
  • Seeing as Rui only really trust Maki due to them being childhood friends it would seem she can only perform a duo group attack with her.