Aiko Akaike

Full Name: Aiko Jennifer Akaike

Age: 16

Birthday: December 21, 2000 (Sagittarius)

Race/Nationality: Japanese/American

School/Year: Vuelo Academy/1st Year in the school (but in the 11th Grade)

Height: 196 cm (6'5")

Blood Type: AB

Favorite Food: Seafood, Barbecued food

Least Favorite Food: Soft drinks, spicy food

Favorite Subject: Art, Math, Science

Least Favorite Subject: Reading

Hobbies: Flying airplanes, riding bikes, martial arts

Likes: Flying planes, riding bikes, Japanese culture, Friends

Dislikes: Gale, Bullies, Country music

Theme Color: Purple, Red, White

Aiko Akaike
is one of the Cures in Supersonic Pretty Cure Jet-Charge! Her alter ego is Cure Jet.


She is a girl who is a fashionista, and the way she dresses reflect it. She is into Japanese and Western clothing. Her hair is black land long, and her eyes are amber. During colder months, her outfit is a black Lolita dress. She may also wear a purple and white clothing which is more western in style, a purple sweater over a white shirt, black pants and beige boots. Her summer outfit is a blue Detroit Tigers hat, blue shirt, short pants and blue casual sandals.

Her school uniform is a green blazer with 2 stripes, colored yellow and white, yellow knee-high socks, and yellow slip-on shoes. While swimming, she wears a red and white monokini with a swimming cap. Her formal wear may either be a white kimono with her holding a parasol, or a red Western dress with red dress shoes.

As Cure Jet, she has purple hair with white highlights, and a red and white outfit and purple boots with white laces.


She is full of swagger and confidence, and can trash talk with pure fearlessness that would make Kevin Garnett and Mike Tyson blush. She fears nobody and would completely snap if anyone messes with her friends. In fact, back in Detroit, she once beat up a person badly for laughing at Alisia that he needed 200 stitches. She has mastered Karate, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Kickboxing, and Tae Kwon Do. Also, she loves fashion and wears Japanese and Western clothing, and watches a whole bunch of anime, manga. She also loves to ride her bike, which she nicknamed the "Blazer", and she also volunteers to be a math tutor. her dream is to be a teacher or a pilot. she is part of Skye and her Flying Eaglesses along with fellow Cures Skye, Alisia, and Bianca.


Her relationship with Alisia immediately started off with a bang when she defended her from a person who was laughing at her, and completely beat him up, and he needed 200 stitches to close off the wounds, ever since aiko and Alisia's friendship was inseparable.

She loves uncle Manabu and aunt Crystal who raised her. Her parents left her for some unknown reason.

  • Crystal Maekawa (Aunt)
  • Manabu Akaike (Uncle)
  • Jin Komiyama (Sister)
  • Flash (Fairy Partner)

Powers and Abilities

"Jet-Charge! The forecast calls for taking flight..... flying hearts everywhere! Comin' atcha, Cure Jet!"
Aiko uses her Magic Mobile to transform into Cure Jet, granting her enhanced speed, strength, agility and durability. After transforming, she introduces herself with "Jet-Charge! The forecast calls for taking flight..... flying hearts everywhere! Comin' atcha, Cure Jet!"

She can use an attack called Gravity Flash, which later upgrades to Flash Missile when she acquires the Jet Scepter.