Aiko Momozono is one of the adopted children of Love Momozono, featured in Joyful Fresh Precure.

Basic Information

Aiko Momozono.jpgName: Aiko Momozono
Age: 14
Birthday: August 19th
Zodiac Sign: Leo
School/Year: Public Yotsuba Junior High School, year 8
Best Subject: Science
Worst Subject: Physical Education
Favorite Things: Gumdrops, classical music, flowers
Dislikes: Banana pudding, worms, mud puddles
Talent: Listening
Dreams: Aiko doesn't really have any clear dreams as of yet
Fears: Public speaking

Appearance: Aiko has wavy, non-photo blue colored hair which she wears in a high ponytail, which ends around her chin. She has light blue eyes and stands at around five feet, three inches tall.
First Appearance: "
Dream Seiyuu: Yasuno Kiyono

Backstory and Personality

Sweet and kind fourteen year old Aiko is a rather gentle soul and a quiet girl, but don't mistake her for being shy. She simply enjoys being around people and watching and listening to them, and rarely feels that she has anything she needs to say. She'll speak when directly spoken to, but otherwise generally is rather quiet and soft spoken. This makes her an excellent listener, and she's the kind of person that people go to for advice. Like Love's two other children, Aiko was adopted, and was brought into the family as a baby. Her parents could not afford to keep her, and made the hard decision of giving her up for adoption so that she could have a better life. Aiko wishes to meet her biological parents someday, to show them that she's doing alright, but she also views Love as her irreplaceable mother.

Aiko does seem to be aware of her mother's past as a Precure, as she decided to tell the family as a whole once Northa reappeared, not wanting any of them left out of the loop. Love felt that she would be throwing them into the path of danger more by leaving them in ignorance- especially knowing as well as she does what Northa is capable of. Honestly, Aiko is afraid of everything that is going on, but she's also vowed to support her mother and older sister in any way that she can if they need her (but she sort of hopes that they don't, and feels somewhat terrible for thinking this way).