Akae Nishi is one of the main characters of Joyful Fresh Precure, the daughter of Setsuna and Hayato Nishi. Her alter ego is that of Cure Cherry.

Basic Information

Name: Akae Nishi
Age: 16
Birthday: January 9th
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
School/Year: Public Yotsuba High School, year 11
Best Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: Chemistry
Favorite Things: Spicy chocolate, sports, frilly skirts
Dislikes: Northa, eggplant, really hot days
Talent: Seemingly unlimited endurance
Dreams: To make the world a better place
Fears: Losing her brother forever

Appearance: Akae has light blue hair that has been pulled up into a high ponytail that reaches her chest, held in place by three braids. Her eyes are lavender, and she stands at six feet, one inch tall.
First Appearance: "Darkness from the Past Rises! Northa's Revival!"
Dream Seiyuu: Itou Kanae

???? (grandmother)
Setsuna Nishi (mother)
Hayato Nishi (father)
Akashi Nishi (younger brother)

Backstory and Personality

The daughter of Setsuna and Hayato Nishi, Akae is a cheerful and energetic sixteen year old girl who is into sports in a huge way. Rather than being on any one team at her school, Akae often contributes to every club, acting as a pinch hitter when needed. She's almost always smiling, and doesn't like to see other people sad. In many ways, she takes after her father, including the possession of a fearsome sweet tooth- luckily, at the physical activity she does means that this isn't a problem. Akae grew up hearing about her parents great deeds alongside the rest of the Precure- but she's also well aware of all of the terrible things they both did before switching sides, and has kept this in mind as well. She is determined to make the world a better place than how she found it, and if she has to do it one person at a time, she's fine with that.

Akae ends up taking charge in the new Fresh Cure team, and because she's the only member of the team not born of two human parents, she has the strength of her father as well. Consequentially, she's the team's hardest hitter and her strong point is punching. As a consequence, it seems as if Cherry's magic attacks are weaker, perhaps because she's not quite human in the end. Akae is determined to put a stop to Northa and reclaim her brother, and she's furious at the woman for taking him away in the first place. At the same time, it seems that she blames herself for never noticing that he was suffering, and that worry eventually starts to eat away at her- combined with another fear.

Precure Info

Name: Cure Cherry
Looks as a Cure: As Cure Cherry, Akae's hair turns cool gray, and is let out of her ponytail, turning more wavy. Her eyes turn crimson red.
Colors: Scarlet Lake, Cherry Red

Intro Speech: "The red heart is the symbol of determination! Freshly Plucked, Cure Cherry!"
Attacks: "Precure Harmony Drive!"
"Precure Harmony Drive Fresh!"
Weapon: Cherry Hammer

Attack/Weapon Information

"Precure Harmony Drive!"- Cherry's basic attack, which involves her punching the ground, which creates a chain reaction that sends purifying energy towards a target.

"Precure Harmony Drive Fresh!"- Cherry's powered up attack, upon receiving the Cherry Hammer. Instead of using her fist to punch the ground, she now creates a clover of energy in mid-air, which she then bats away with the hammer. It has the same effect as the first attack.

Cherry Hammer: Cherry's Cure Stick, it is the odd one out, being the size of a large mallet with a shaft almost as tall as she is. It is white, with a sequence of colored gems towards the top, and a crimson red clover painted on the mallet's head.