Akari Imaizumi is the leader of the Flavor Precure from Neapolitan Precure, whose alter ego is Cure Sugar. Her element is snow.

Basic Information

Name: Akari Imaizumi
Age: 18 (19 as of movie 1)
Birthday: September 9th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Vocalist
Favorite Things: Punk rock, cucumbers, traditional Japanese fashion
Dislikes: Pork, caterpillars, board games
Talents: Singing
Dreams: To have her band go pro
Fears: Being caught naked in public

Appearance: Akari has jet black hair that she wears long, reaching her rear. It is straight and she pulls two front parts of it into ponytails in the front of her face. She has china blue eyes and rather pale skin, and is five feet, six inches tall.
First Appearance: "Going for a Walk! Around the Town with Sprinkles!"
Dream Seiyuu: Shitaya Noriko

Tsukiko Imaizumi (mother)
Taisuke Imaizumi (father)

Personality and Backstory

Akari is the eighteen year old leader of the Flavor Precure, and is the best friend of Kagari, and by extension, is friends with Mitsuru and Otome. Akari is the third member of their band, and is the vocalist. Unlike the other two, she doesn't really look the part, instead wearing yukata and kimono in her free time. She has the appearance of a very traditional Japanese woman, complete with a hime cut, the pinnacle of a modest beauty, but her interests don't really match her appearance. And that is exactly how she likes it. Akari became a Precure when she was fifteen years old, and since then, she has fought off three different evil empires, and is currently fighting off her fourth. She was thrown into her first battle unprepared, after the baton was passed down to her from the last group of Precure, and she doesn't want that to happen to whoever would take her place in the future. Therefore, she sought out the three girls who would become Precure in the future, and presented them with weaker versions of their powers early on, so they could get used to them before the time came for them to ever face a crisis.

As a member of Mitsuru and Kagari's band, Akari often feels bad when her duty as a Precure keeps them from practicing or going to gigs, and sometimes wonder if she should find a replacement for herself for the band's benefit. But at the end of the day, while her duty as a Precure is important, one thing that Akari loves is music, and she doesn't think that she could trade it for the world. If push comes to shove, however, she's learned long ago that her duty as a Precure is much more important than her love of music, and that if she doesn't fight, then there might not be a stage left for her to stand on. She hopes to impart many of the lessons she had to learn the hard way onto the Neapolitan Precure so that they can grow up to be strong and successful Precure.

Pretty Cure Info

Chibi Cure Sugar.jpgName: Cure Sugar
Looks as a Cure: As Cure Sugar, her hair turns lavender, and shortens, ending at her chin. Her two front ponytails remain in place and retain their length, however. Her eyes also turn lavender.
Colors: Clay Rose, Grayed Lavender

Intro: "Sugar gives the gift of sweetness! With a pinch of Flavor, Cure Sugar!"
Attack: "Flavor's Blessing! Precure Sugar Wave!"
"Precure Freezing Charm!"
Weapon: Sugar Staff

Attack/Weapon Information

"Flavor's Blessing! Precure Sugar Wave!"- Using her Sugar Staff, she summons up a blast of snow, which can freeze a target in it's tracks, and when the icy shell is cracked, it takes the evil along with it, leaving them purified.

"Precure Freezing Charm!"- Clapping her hands together, Sugar chants the attack name, while spreading out her hands. In front of her, small rectangles of ice form. She releases a breath, and then slams her hands back together, crushing the ice in the process, which sends off a chain reaction that freezes the ground around them, giving her a turf advantage and rooting the monster to the ground.

Sugar Staff: Sugar's weapon is a clay rose colored staff, that has a heart shaped grayed lavender crystal on top of it, in many ways, it's a grown up version of Chocolate and Strawberry's wands. It is roughly the same height as Sugar.