Alisia Wojciechowski-Weiss

Full Name: Alisia Meskhenet Wojciechowski-Weiss

Age: 15

Birthday: November 1, 2001 (Scorpio)

Race/Nationality: Part-Polish, Part-Coptic Egyptian, Half-German Ashkenazi Jew/American

School/Year: Vuelo Academy/1st Year in the school (but in the 10th Grade)

Height: 175 cm (5'9")

Blood Type: B

Favorite Food: Bagels, Pastrami sandwich

Least Favorite Food: Pork, Shellfish

Favorite Subject: Science

Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education

Hobbies: Cooking, flying airplanes

Likes: Cooking, Eating, Aiko,

Dislikes: Black people (early on), Hispanic people (early on), Italian people (early on), Bullies, Gale, Putting on too much makeup

Dream: To become a pilot

Theme Color: Green, Yellow, Red

Alisia Meskhenet Wojciechowski-Weiss
is one of the Cures in SuperSonic Pretty Cure Jet-Charge! Her alter ego is Cure Supersonic.


She is a girl who is beautiful, but isn't really confident in her beauty, thus tends to overdo on the makeup. She is fair skinned, and her ethnicity is American with Polish, German-Jewish, and Egyptian ancestry. She has red hair, blue eyes, plus she has a tattoo on her left arm that says her mother's name (Mira) in a Gothic font to honor her memory.

In colder months, she wears a black shirt over a white tank top, under a yellow jacket, a green flower petal skirt, red boots over white socks and green gloves. Her alternate winter dress is the same jacket and shirts and tank tops, but with purple pants, white socks and green Mary Jane shoes, and green and white gloves. Her warm weather clothes are a small, short sleeved, red t-shirt with black denim jeans, black shoes with a heel. Her alternate outfit has a silver and green tank top, green short pants and green sandals. Her school uniform is a green blazer with 2 stripes, colored yellow and white, green knee-high socks, and green slip-on shoes. While swimming, she wears a burnt orange tankini. Her formal wear is a blue sleeveless dress with a silver bra and panties under it, and blue dress shoes.

As Cure Supersonic, her hair darkens to dark green and is tied in to twin drill pigtails, with yellow heart-shaped hair clips, and her eyes turn dark green. She wears green heart earrings. Her Cure outfit consists of a long green dress with yellow and red flower accents on the top of the dress. Her skirt is yellow with a red trim. She wears green elbow-length arm warmers with a yellow trim and a red heart ornament on the back and with dark green boots that have yellow laces and white tips, and a on the top of the boots, a red bow with a dark green heart ornament.


For most of her lifetime, she has been depressed. She was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. When she was two years old, her mother, Shamira, was slain by the hitman of the Italian Mafia of Detroit (later revealed to be Alfonso "Al Capone" Flint/Short-Circuit) for being married to Ludwig (Alisia's father) who was rumored to be part of a rival Jewish Mafia, so a hitman brutally slaughtered her in Warren, Michigan. And when she went to school in Detroit near 8 Mile, the Black and Hispanic people would always pick on her for being fat and the only White girl in the school, and to this day, she still hates gym class because it reminds her of the same people that were picking on her throwing dodgeballs on her face, and once puking at the smell of the locker rooms, and overall being terrible at sports. Only Aiko Akaike would ever be friendly to her back then. She is sometimes prejudiced against Blacks, Hispanics and has a big hatred for Italians, although her prejudice against Blacks and Hispanics went away since Bianca and Skye befriended her . She worships Judaism, and is fluent in English, Polish, German, Yiddish, Hebrew and Arabic.


Her relationship with fellow Cures Skye and Bianca didn't start off well, Alisia had a prejudiced view of them both because of their race, and repeatedly ran away from them, but she realizes that they wanted to be true friends and they were reaching out to her heart, plus she saw them being pounded by a Blackout, so she stepped in, turned to Cure supersonic for the first time and defeated the monster, ever since, they all became good friends.

She helps out with the cooking in Roddie's Jump 'n Dunk Bagels, which is Rodward Feldblum's Jewish Deli/Bagel Shop.

She is closest with her parents Ludwig and the deceased Shamira, her cousin Rahel, and her only friend while she was growing up and fellow Cure, Aiko. She is also close to her uncle Augustyn.

  • Shamira Weiss (nee Wojciechowski) (Mother) (Deceased)
  • Ludwig Weiss (Father)
  • Augustyn Wojciechowski (Uncle)
  • Honorata Wojciechowski (Cousin)
  • JarosÅ‚aw Wojciechowski (Cousin)
  • Rameses Wojciechowski (Cousin)
  • Rahel Rosenthal (Cousin)
  • Dana Schwimmer (Distant Cousin)
  • Jolt (Fairy Partner)

Powers and Abilities

"Jet-Charge! The forecast calls for loud sounds..... speaking to hearts everywhere! Comin' atcha, Cure Supersonic!"
Alisia uses her Magic Mobile to transform into Cure Supersonic, granting her enhanced speed, strength, agility and durability. After transforming, she introduces herself with "The forecast calls for loud sounds..... speaking to hearts everywhere! Comin' atcha, Cure Supersonic!"

She can use an attack called Audible Shockwave, which later upgrades to Sonic Boom when she acquires the Supersonic Scepter.