Alisyn "Al" Blue is a minor character in SuperSonic Pretty Cure Jet-Charge! She owns a popular supermarket in Flightstown and a botanist. She graduated from Vuelo Academy and Wichita State University.


Alisyn is an averagely built girl with white skin, dark brown hair with loose curls and a blue butterfly hair clip, and blue eyes. She carries an iPod and a black purse everywhere she goes. During colder months, she wears a black shirt with pockets, off-red buttons and a gold trim; a red scarf, a brown winter hat, black jeans and white heels; during warmer months, she wears a throwback Nolan Ryan Astros jersey, blue and light blue bleached jeans and yellow gladiator sandals.

While working in her supermarket, she wears a red apron under a shirt with a picture of Barbadian singer Rihanna, khaki pants, and red loafers. While swimming, she wears a powder blue and gold tankini. Her party wear is a black and purple kimono with purple getas that she bought from a trip to Japan. Her formal wear is a dress with orange and white checkers that looks like something out of the University of Tennessee, and orange stiletto heels. Her sleepwear is a blue snuggie.

During the SSPCJC series movie, Alisyn wears a red Chiefs jersey with the number 7, white pants with a red belt and red ballet flat shoes.


Alisyn is a cheerful and playful woman. She runs a supermarket in Flightstown named Food Fair, and she looks out for her best interests of her workers. She gives out lots of rewards to her workers for hard work. She is very empathetic and trusting, but sometimes very gullible. When she is not working, she is a botanist. She once tried to fly an airplane, but almost crashed and even broke down in tears because it was a near death experience for her.

She is skilled in basketball, but never had the chance to play for her high school team because she decided to be a business owner and botanist. She is a shopaholic, listens to rock music, and watches a lot of sports on TV in her free time. She is known to root for the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Louis Rams for football, the Kansas City Royals and Houston Astros for baseball, and Sporting Kansas City and Barcelona FC for soccer. She graduated from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. She is a horror movie buff; she gets scared easily which irks people around her. She is also scared of getting hit by tornadoes, common in Kansas since it's in the Great Plains.


Alisyn is long time friends with Bianca Estevez, who she knew for a long time.

  • Raphael Blue/Archduke Gravitation (Brother)