All Stars Heroines is a Precure AU by CureEclipse that is somewhat based on the X-Men comics and movies. It's main protagonist is Nagisa Misumi though Nozomi,Tsubomi, Reika, Erika, Hibiki, Setsuna, and Miyuki all serve as secondary protagonists.




Nagisa Misumi
Codename: Black
Powers: Lighting Manipulation, Super Strength

Nozomi Yumehara
Codename: Dream
Powers: Crystal Manipulation

Tsubomi Hanasaki
Codename: Blossom
Powers: Plant Manipulation

Reika Aoki
Codename: Beauty
Powers: Ice Manipulation

Erika Kurumi
Codename: Marine
Powers: Water Manipulation

Hibiki Hojo
Codename: Melody
Powers: Sonic Screams, Duplication

Setsuna Higashi
Codename: Passion
Powers: Teleportation,Telekinesis

Miyuki Hoshizora
Codename: Happy
Powers: Empathy, Illusions