Amaterasu Makimodosu

Full Name: Amaterasu Nao Cansu Makimodosu

Age: 16

Birthday: January 1 (Capricorn)

Race/Nationality: Turkish and Japanese/American

School/Year: Sterling Arts Academy/12th Grade

Height: 183 cm (6'0")

Blood Type: A

Favorite Food: Sushi, Noodles, kebab

Least Favorite Food: None

Favorite Subject: English, Drama

Least Favorite Subject: Math

Hobbies: Writing, acting

Likes: Art, acting, making videos, friends (especially the ones she had at her old school), learning about Japan

Dislikes: Sinresonancia, Bullies, Being away from her friends

Dream: TV producer

Theme Color: Black, Red, White

Amaterasu Makimodosu
is one of the Cures in Art Catch Pretty Cure!. She was born and raised in New Haven until she moved to Louvre. She is Turkish and Japanese American. Her alter ego is Cure Video.


Amaterasu is a tall, beautiful girl with white skin, long black hair with a red hair flower, grey eyes and with piercings in her ear and [[#|belly]] button and pink cherry shaped earrings. During colder months, she wears a blue half zipped coat over a black shirt, blue scarf, black hat, black jeans and blue boots. During warmer months, she wears a long sleeve blouse with buttons, blue Yankees baseball cap, black short skirts, and white slip on shoes with white socks.

Amaterasu's school uniform consists of a green blazer with a whale motif on the right chest area, over a blue shirt; blue long skirts with a light blue underskirt, and black slip-ons with small blue socks. While swimming, she wears a red two piece swimsuit. On formal occasions, she wears a red dress with red short heeled sandals. Her sleepwear is a red and black checkered top and red pants with a white vertical stripe on the sides.

As Cure Video, her long black hair stays black, but with pigtails with red bows with a black rewind button symbol "<<" shaped clasps on them, and a white hair flower and her earrings are red with a white diamond shape with the play button symbol ">" on it. Her cure outfit consists of a black vest with a red trim and white buttons and white frills, white frilly armbands and black fingerless gloves. She wears black leg warmers with a red circle gem clasp on top, and black gladiator thong sandals with a black flower ornament between the big toe and long toe.


Before she transferred from Diamond High School, she was a very cheery girl living in a middle class part of New Haven. She was one of the best students of the drama club, and she had many friends; Eli Aintablian, Hector Utley, Edgar Halas, Penny Kalember, Emmanuel Zaidi, and Lilly Clarke (latter 2 are president and vice president of drama club respectively) being a few. But when she moved to Louvre with her uncle, she had been depressed and in school, she couldn't find many friends other than Eli who transferred with her. But she settles in better when she finds a Japanese class which DHS didn't have, plus she regularly calls her old friends for tips on how to adjust to a new land.

She becomes more happier when she finds a visual arts club, and she meets Bella, Madison and Cecelia, along with Ebonee who welcome her with open arms. She won't become a Pretty Cure until episode 30, when she finds that the school is under attack by the upgraded version of the Hishigu and the current Cures get the crap beat out of them. What really sets Amaterasu off was the Spoiler Trio saying "What's so good about art anyways? Who cares! It's all about power!"

She can speak in English and Turkish, and she will learn Japanese as the season goes along.


She gets along well with her Pretty Cure comrades, and they are quite impressed with her fighting skills.

She is still very close with her other friends, Eli Aintablian, Hector Utley, Edgar Halas, Penny Kalember, Emmanuel Zaidi, and Lilly Clarke, and even if most of them are now far away, they still feel inseparable.

She is also close with her family. Her parents Peter and Rosetta Makimodosu, her four brothers Bajram, Constantinople, Fatih and Enis, uncle Ozgur, and grandfather Yuudai. Yuudai especially supports her dream of being a TV show producer as he was one himself.

  • Rosetta Makimodosu (Mother)
  • Peter Makimodosu (Father)
  • Bajram, Constantinople, Fatih, Enis Makimodosu (Brothers)
  • Ozgur Karadeniz (Uncle)
  • Yuudai Makimodosu (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Kasetto (Fairy Partner)