Amee Mosley is the leader of the Precure from Medieval Magic Precure, whose alter ego is Cure Aurae. Her element is light, and she is the leader of her team.

Basic Information

Age: 16
Birthday: March 15th
School: The Clover School for Proper Young Women
Favorite Things: Sword fighting, green apples, Hilda
Dislikes: Formal balls, herbal tea, snails
Talent: Swordplay
Dreams: To live up to her mother's wishes
Fears: Embarrassing her family

Appearance: Amee has straight, sienna brown hair that she wears pulled back into a braid that reaches her rear and has peacock green eyes. She has freckles scattered over her nose and shoulders, and is five feet, five inches tall. She is missing a small portion of her right ear where it was lopped off by a sword, and conceals this by pulling her bangs over her ears. She is otherwise very plain and doesn't stand out much.
First Appearance: "The Celestial Precure is a Swordswoman! The Sparkling Cure Aurae!"

Edward Mosley (father)
Abigail Mosley (mother)
Elis Mosley (older brother)

Backstory and Personality

Amee is the only daughter of the Mosley family, a fairly minor noble family who own no property outside of Orphne, but are fairly well to do. Amee is known for her spunky, can-do attitude and her amazing inability to do anything that would be considered 'ladylike', no matter how much effort she might put into it. Cooking? Not a chance. Sewing? Forget about it. Dancing? She has two left feet. One could almost say that she is downright talentless, but this would not be true. She's actually quite a skilled sword fighter, but she has been instructed by her parents to keep it a secret in exchange for hiring her a teacher in the first place. They believe that swordsmanship is not a skill a lady should have, and that if people knew about it, it would only bring disgrace to the family. Amee was entranced by the art of the sword when her older brother started studying it, and begged her parents to let her try it too. Considering that she wouldn't shut up about it, they thought if they indulged it for a brief while, she would give up and forget about it- but they were wrong. So very, very wrong. Amee is as good as any male her age, better than some even. It would seem that over the course of the years, her relationship with her mother and brother have been damaged, although she still gets along fairly well with her father, who thinks his wife is too hard on her.

Oftentimes, Amee is considered an embarrassment to the Mosley family and is an outcast amongst the other noble girls, her only real friend being Hilda. This really doesn't seem to bother her, however, as she has always been the type of person who doesn't really listen to what other people have to say about her and is just content to do her own thing. She does sort of wish sometimes that she could look pretty in a fancy dress and dance around beautifully like all the other girls. Apparently her coordination in sword fighting doesn't really translate over into anything else, especially in dancing. It's not like she's not happy about who she is and what she can do, but she would sometimes like to be praised as being pretty or graceful and she would like to make her mother happy for a change. Amee is the first chosen by Hecate to become a Precure, seeing that she has a strong and pure heart, unlikely to waver. As Cure Aurae, she seeks to defeat the Erinyes and the Four Holy Mages and use her skills to defend her kingdom.

Pretty Cure Info

Cure Aurae.jpgName: Cure Aurae
Looks as a Cure: As Cure Aurae, her hair turns golden yellow and is tied up in two layered buns on either side of her head, with two thin ponytails come from each of them that reach to her rear. Her eyes turn light orange. The small, cut off part of her right ear also appears to grow back after transformation, although her freckles remain.
Colors: Gold, Yellow Ochre

Intro Phrase: "Descending from the heavens, the celestial maiden, Cure Aurae!"
Attacks: "Precure Sunlight Slash!"
"Precure Celestial Cutter!" "
Precure Heaven's Wrath!"
Weapon: Heavensent Claymore

Attack/Weapon Information

"Precure Sunlight Slash!"- Raising her Heavensent Claymore to the sky, the sun shines down (clouds parting if there are any), and sunlight beams directly onto the sword. With a swift motion, she slashes the sword downwards in the general direction of her target, causing the gathered sunlight to explode outwards towards them, cutting them in half.

"Precure Celestial Cutter!"- Upgraded version of Sunlight Slash, can be used in a horizontal fashion to encompass more targets.

"Precure Heaven's Wrath!"- Calling upon the forces of heaven, Aurae uses her Heavensent Claymore to gather energy from the sun and skies. Used to pierce through a target, purging it of any negative energy while not harming anything else.

Heavensent Claymore: A gold handled claymore, with the blade made entirely out of a strange kind of solidified golden light. There is a carnelian gem placed in the handle of the blade, that is diamond shaped. Rather than simply use it for magic attacks, she wields it as an actual blade, having the actual skill to do so.