Curemon is a Precure alternate universe... crossover thing set in the Pokemon world. It's a largely slice of life adventure revolving around a main quartet of characters in the form of Rikka Hishikawa (and Raquel), Ira, Inori Yamabuki, and Seiji Sagara.


Not even a year prior, Rikka Hishikawa and her friends were called upon to save the world from the evil plot of Team Selfish- and they succeeded. Now she can return to her normal life- although even that has changed forever thanks to the time she spent as a Precure. In addition to gaining a lifelong companion in the form of her talking Glaceon, Raquel, she has also found herself looking after one of Team Selfish's former members- a young boy named Ira. With Team Selfish destroyed, he ended up with no place to go, and before she knew it, Rikka had decided that she would take charge of him. Deciding that she would return to pursuing her dream of becoming a Pokemon Doctor that she had put on hold to fight, Rikka has joined the Pokemon Medic Training Partner Program, which partners her with a traveling trainer, so that she can learns skills on the road. Naturally, that trainer ended up being Ira, but it was also through the program that she met fellow aspiring Pokemon Nurse, Inori Yamabuki, and her partner, Seiji Sagara.

Now the four of them (and Raquel, of course), have decided to travel throughout the region, while Seiji attempts to vie for the Champion's title, and Ira attempts to catch an elusive Noivern. What awaits them in the future? Probably not peace and quiet.


Main Characters

Rikka Hishikawa/Cure Diamond
Pokemon Team: Glaceon (Raquel), Poliwrath (shiny), Politoed, Froakie, Zubat
Status: Pokemon Doctor in Training
Birthplace: Oogai City

Once the savior of her region, fifteen year old Rikka has decided to retire from that in order to do something much more mundane- becoming a Pokemon Doctor. Joining the Pokemon Medic Training Partner Program, she chose Ira as her partner, feeling that he would just get into trouble if she left him to his own devices. As a Precure, she has powers over ice- but her Pokemon team doesn't quite reflect that- rather, with the exception of her partner Raquel and the Zubat that Ira gave her, her entire team is composed of frog Pokemon. Generally possessing a level head, Rikka is the sort of person that people rely on- and she's just fine with that, and has come to expect it. As an only child, she feels like she's gained a little brother in the form of Ira, even if he is a strange, not human sort of little brother. Rikka desires to not only become a Pokemon doctor, but also a doctor for humans as well- it seems that she's always wanted this, ever since she was a little girl.

Pokemon Team: Crobat, Sharpedo, Gabite, Froslass, Gligar, Woobat
Status: Trainer, Former Team Selfish Grunt
Birthplace: Team Selfish Secret Laboratory

A former member of Team Selfish, Ira is now currently traveling with Rikka Hishikawa, and has become an officially registered Pokemon trainer. That said, the supposed twelve year old doesn't appear to have as much interest in the League as he is interested in just doing whatever he feels like- being a real 'live in the moment' type. Ira's not human, and like the other members of Team Selfish, was grown in lab, as an artificial new breed of human. Unlike the other remaining Team Selfish members however, Ira wasn't designed to be anyone special- rather he was one in a number of many clones, created for the sole purpose of being grunts. Although many of the other 'Iras' were several years older than this one, he was released early as a prototype, and was supposed to keep the Selfish King's daughter happy. One thing lead to another however, and as a result, this Ira developed his own consciousness as a person, and developed his own independent personality. A pretty mischievous and often temperamental young boy, he does seem to deeply care for his Pokemon- and Rikka as well, who he appears to have a crush on. He appears to be afraid of electric Pokemon.

Inori Yamabuki/Cure Pine
Pokemon Team: Zapdos, Raikou, Cresselia, Xerneas
Status: Pokemon Nurse in Training
Birthplace: Clover Town

Although she can be somewhat shy when you first met her, once she opens up, nineteen year old Inori shows that she is a cheerful and enthusiastic young lady, who greatly loves and cares for all Pokemon. Her father was a Pokemon Doctor, and she aspires to follow in his footsteps as a Pokemon Nurse- that's always been her dream ever since she was a little girl. On the surface she doesn't look like much of a trainer- that is until you find out that her entire team is composed of legendaries, all of whom joined her out of their own free will, after forming a deep bond with Inori. Kind and caring, Inori is part of the Pokemon Medic Training Partner Program, and was assigned as Seiji's partner and has been quite the reliable one, always having the right solution in almost any pinch. In the past she helped to protect the world against the plans of Team Labyrinth, and fought alongside Miki, Love, and Setsuna, all of whom she still keeps in contact with.

Seiji Sagara
Pokemon Team: Hitmonlee, Blaziken, Heracross, Croagunk
Status: Trainer
Birthplace: Pikarigaoka City

A trainer who has recently begun his Pokemon journey, fourteen year old Seiji is a pretty reasonable and level headed guy, and is quite responsible to boot. Known for giving out good advice, he was popular back in his own home town- although he didn't seem to notice, seeing as he was too involved in practicing karate to think about much else. Seiji is Megumi's childhood friend, and as such, the two of them are friendly rivals- even though they're competing in a sense, Seiji always makes sure to give his friend good advice about how to improve her team. Seiji didn't exactly expect that he would end up traveling with the group that he has- he's honestly not quite sure how it happened. At any rate, somehow he wound up befriending two legendary warriors and one former villain, so he's wondering what could possibly be thrown at him next. Well, this kind of journey isn't so bad- and he doesn't mind the company.

Moveset: Blizzard, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Protect
Birthplace: Trump Kingdom

An unusual Glaceon that became Rikka's companion, Raquel can not only talk, but can allow Rikka to transform into the legendary warrior, Cure Diamond. He also appears to be able to use some strange kind of magic to take human form, taking the appearance of a young boy around ten years old when he does. Raquel usually has it pretty together- he wants to be useful to Rikka, although he often finds that there's not that much left for him to do most of the time, since Rikka is so reliable anyways. He was initially against letting Ira travel with them, but has seemed to relent in that matter- he still keeps an eye on him though, not entirely convinced that he's not going to return to his previous villainous ways.

Rival Characters

Megumi Aino
Pokemon Team: Blaziken, Monferno, Ninetails, Pancham, Hawlucha
Status: Trainer

Seiji and Yuko's childhood friend, fourteen year old Megumi set out on her Pokemon Journey around the same time as Seiji. The two of them are friendly rivals, and often battle against each other when they meet, to help test their skills and see how much they've improved over time. Megumi originally wanted to travel alongside Seiji, but it seemed that their goals weren't really all that compatible, so they reluctantly changed their plans. She calls him often (sometimes too often for his liking, and often in the middle of the night) and stays updated with what's going on with his group. She sometimes travels with groups herself, but doesn't seem to stick with them for very long. Megumi is a cheerful and generally optimistic girl, who works hard to help those in need, because she genuinely wants to leave the world a better place than she found it- though she already thinks she found a pretty good world. Megumi seems to be traveling following a rumor of a legendary cure-all, which she believes could help save her mother, who has a very weak body.

Pokemon Team: Bellossom, Mightyena, Hydreigon, Pikachu
Status: Trainer

Olivier is a rather peculiar trainer- in that he's not entirely human. He was, at one point, but that was long ago now. Traveling alongside his foster father, Baron Salamander, they were on a mission to destroy the world. The Baron's plans were thwarted by Tsubomi and her friends- and Olivier himself. Since then the Baron has been redeemed, and they are enjoying a fun journey right now. Olivier has taken an interest in Pokemon ever since Tsubomi gave him a Bellossom she had captured to remember her by, and he has been training a small team ever since then. He can communicate with them to some degree, due to his werewolf nature, although he can't seem to understand their exact words so much as their feelings. Olivier seems to have become something of a rival to Ira, as somehow the two of them always end up bickering and fighting whenever they see each other- although their Pokemon battles usually devolve into fist fights involving two supernaturally powered children instead.

Gym Leaders

Nao Midorikawa/Cure March
Pokemon Team: Rufflet, Pidgeotto, Tropius
Status: Flying Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Nanairogaoka Town

The leader of what's usually regarded as the starting gym, sixteen year old Nao is a flying type trainer, and has been raising Pokemon ever since she was little- when she wasn't helping raise her younger siblings! She has no small shortage of those, and loves her family more than anything- they're very near and dear to her heart. She's become a little overprotective of them lately, as it appears that she came too close to losing them, and is worried something like that could happen again, even though she is now at peace. Nao is also one of the legendary warriors, and transforms into Cure March- although her battle against the Bad End Kingdom ended two years ago. An athletic girl who loves soccer and eating above everything else, Nao is also the type of person who is always eager to help people out and is something like a mother. She seems to be currently dating her childhood friend, Reika.

Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy
Pokemon Team: Whimsicott (Candy), Snubbull, Floette
Status: Fairy Type Gym Leader

Happy go lucky sixteen year old Miyuki is the leader of a Fairy type gym, which is located in the town next to Nao's. She's good friends with her, and like Nao, can transform into a Precure- in fact, she was the leader of their Precure team two years ago. Although at first glance she doesn't seem to quite have it all together, she's still fairly skilled as a gym leader and is rather popular in town, well-liked and doted on by everyone. Friendly and quick to smile, Miyuki believes that smiles are an important treasure- and will do anything she can to cheer people up when they're down. She used to be pretty shy and withdrawn in the past, before she finally was able to overcome that hurdle and make friends. Sometimes it seems like she's a bit closer to the supernatural wonders of the world than other people, but it also appears that she's not quite aware of this fact.

Yuko Omori
Pokemon Team: Vespiquen, Volcarona, Beedrill, Illumise
Status: Bug Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Pikarigaoka City

A friend of Seiji and Megumi's, fourteen year old Yuko is the leader of the gym located in their hometown of Pikarigaoka. It used to be run by her mother, but once their bento store really took off, she left the gym in Yuko's hands to help her husband out more. Yuko is a bug type trainer, and her family uses the honey from the Combee they raise in order to make delicious honey candy. Always the kind of girl who has food on her mind, Yuko is a big believer in delicious things and eating well- to the point where others might consider her at least a little strange. She has a very peaceful personality and also gives out good advice- although she can also be surprisingly shy in her own way, and worries a little too much sometimes. Yuko is happy to see both of her friends go on their own journeys and wishes them both well- but she won't go easy on them if they come across her gym!

Ellen Kurokawa/Cure Beat
Pokemon Team: Absol, Umbreon, Liepard, Pawniard, Skitty (Hummy, non battle)
Status: Dark Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Major Land

The fourth gym leader, seventeen year old Ellen is a rather unusual person- as it appears that up until three years ago, she was a Liepard, rather than a human. But this and that happened, and she gained the ability to become a Precure- and lost the ability to return to her normal form, becoming human permanently. Although she's adjusted in many ways, one can still tell from time to time that she wasn't born a human- namely due to the fact that she can still understand Pokemon speech. Ellen keeps with her a Skitty named Hummy at all times, and it appears that the two of them are close friends from the old days, before her transformation. In the past, she fought alongside Ako, as well as two others, Hibiki and Kanade, in order to protect the world from Noise. A music lover, Ellen has taken up playing guitar and appears to be able to sing very beautifully as well. She's completely terrible with ghost Pokemon though, much to her embarrassment.

Alice Yotsuba/Cure Rosetta
Pokemon Team: Teddiursa (Lance), Tauros, Snorlax, Stoutland
Status: Normal Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Oogai City

The only daughter of the Yotsuba Group, fifteen year old Alice leads a Normal type Pokemon gym located in Oogai City. But don't let that or her frilly rich girl appearance fool you- this girl is tough, and not just when it comes to Pokemon battles. Trained in martial arts from a young age, Alice is seriously powerful- so powerful that she actually used to be afraid of herself. She's also childhood friends with Rikka, and fought alongside her against Team Selfish a year ago. The Pokemon gym she runs is owned by the Yotsuba Group, and she only formally took it over once she retired from her activities as Cure Rosetta. Alice has proven to be a tough opponent, crushing many Pokemon League hopefuls before they can even make it to the Elite Four. Occasionally she's not available for battle due to assisting with the family business, so her trusted butler, Sebastian, fills in- and he's not much easier than his mistress is, it seems.

Miki Aono/Cure Berry
Pokemon Team: Floatzel, Blastoise, Dewgong, Goldeen, Lapras
Status: Water Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Clover Town

Residing in Clover Town is the water type gym leader and model, nineteen year old Miki Aono, who is known to be just as skilled with Pokemon as she is beautiful. She's also good friends with Inori, and it seems that alongside Love, the three of them were childhood friends. Together with a new friend, Setsuna, the four of them also saved the world (and many other worlds as well) from the fearsome Team Labyrinth, who sought to wipe out free will, trying to force everyone to follow the complete rule of one supreme leader. Very confident and self-assured, Miki wants to ensure that the people that she battles can leave her with a little confidence boost- whether they win or lose. Miki has always dreamed of becoming a model, and is starting to live that dream- becoming a gym leader was an odd turn of events for her, but she's enjoying that part as well.

Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace
Pokemon Team: Dedenne, Pikachu, Jolteon, Luxio, Emolga
Status: Electric Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Nanairogaoka Town

The second to last gym leader, sixteen year old Yayoi... doesn't really seem like the type to fill that role. An electric type trainer, she oddly seems to be sometimes afraid of her own Pokemon's attacks, often flinching during battles. Clumsy and somewhat of a crybaby, she doesn't really seem at first glance to be the best choice to run a gym- until you actually fight her, and you realize that she totally has this handled. For several years there were only seven gyms in the region, as the gym Yayoi now runs was once shut down after the former gym leader, her father, passed away. Her mother wasn't able to deal with it, and they never did find anyone to properly take it over. After becoming a Precure and saving the world with her friends, she decided that she would reopen her father's Pokemon gym, once again making the journey to the Pokemon League an eight gym challenge. Yayoi is determined to take great care of the place her father left behind.

Itsuki Myoudouin/Cure Sunshine
Pokemon Team: Pichu (Potpourri, non battle), Pangoro, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Hariyama, Emboar
Status: Fighting Type Gym Leader
Birthplace: Kibougahana Town

The final gym leader, eighteen year old Itsuki is also the heir to the Myoudouin dojo, which is located right next door. Fittingly, she's also a fighting type trainer, and has been known to train alongside her Pokemon. Itsuki is very popular with girls, due to her rather handsome looks, but in reality, she prefers wearing cute things and frilly dresses- more of a princess than a prince. She used to think that she had to choose between martial arts and her love of cute things- but she learned that this wasn't the case, and has fully embraced both halves of herself. Itsuki has quite the impressive tournament record, and it would seem that Seiji admires how strong she is, and is looking forward to facing her, secretly hoping that he might be able to have a sparring match with her as well as a Pokemon battle. Itsuki is also a Precure, and fought alongside two members of the Elite Four, Tsubomi and Yuri, as well as their friend Erika.

Elite Four/Champions

Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword
Pokemon Team: Scizor, Aegislash, Bisharp, Escavalier, Lucario, Purrlion (Davie, non-battle)
Status: Steel Type Elite Four Member, Idol
Birthplace: Trump Kingdom

An orphan whose parents died in an accident when she was still young, fifteen year old Makoto has nonetheless lead a happy life. She found love and care in the form of Princess Marie-Ange, who often visited Makoto's orphanage to spend time with the children. She admires the princess greatly, and decided that she would dedicate her life to being by her side- but it seemed that the princess wanted to encourage Makoto to take up her own interests as well. She's been singing ever since she was young, and ended up becoming not only the palace songstress, but also a popular idol outside of the Trump Kingdom as well. Makoto sometimes misses the Trump Kingdom, and plans to return there someday, but she's also enjoying her current life as well. Alongside Rikka and Alice, she helped save the world from Team Selfish, and is currently serving as a member of the Elite Four, using Steel type Pokemon.

Love Momozono/Cure Peach
Pokemon Team: Furret (Tarte, non battle), Delphox, Charizard, Arcanine, Magmortar, Heatmor
Status: Fire Type Elite Four Member
Birthplace: Clover Town

The second member of the Elite Four, nineteen year old Love is a fire type Pokemon trainer- and aspects of that show in her personality as well. Friendly and rather outgoing, Love is the sort of girl who desires to try and help those around her, and is filled with determination to ensure that those around her are able to get their own happiness. She fought alongside Inori, Miki, and Setsuna, in order to protect the world. She was the one who brought Inori and Miki together in the first place when they were children, and she also helped show Setsuna that the viewpoint that had been taught to her by Lord Moebius was wrong. Love is a very courageous and brave young girl, who is always ready to fight for what she thinks is right, no matter how high the stakes. Having dealt with reformed villains in the past, she's very invested in helping to reeducate both Ira and Era, although they both... seem less than enthusiastic about her attempts.

Yuri Tsukikage/Cure Moonlight
Pokemon Team: Reuncilus, Girafarig, Medicham, Bronzong, Lunatone, Espeon
Status: Psychic Type Elite Four Member
Birthplace: Kibougahana Town

The third member of the Elite Four, twenty year old Yuri is a mature but somewhat aloof young woman who specializes in psychic type Pokemon. Although at first glance she might seem isolated and cold, the truth of the matter is that she has a very warm and nurturing heart. She helped save the world as a Precure alongside Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika four years ago, fighting against the machinations of Dune, who wanted to transform the world into a desert. Yuri has a very collected air about her, but there are still things that even she can be clumsy about. As a member of the Elite Four, she's generally regarded as one of the toughest, and she doesn't go easy on anyone- but if they lose against her, she will always do her best to assure them that they can make it next time. It would seem that she had a very close call with her father while acting as Cure Moonlight, but in the end he survived- and her family increased by one as well, gaining a little sister. She feels like she can understand the bond that Rikka feels for Ira because of this.

Tsubomi Hanasaki/Cure Blossom
Pokemon Team: Lilligant, Venusaur, Bellossom, Shaymin, Sawsbuck, Leavanny, Sylveon (Chypre, non battle)
Status: Grass Type Elite Four Member

The last of the Elite Four and the member who is considered to be the toughest roadblock to getting to the Champion, eighteen year old Tsubomi is a Grass type trainer. And honestly, just from speaking to her she doesn't really seem to be the type of person who would be as strong as she is- or even a member of the Elite Four, really. She can be somewhat shy and introverted, although it seems that she was worse off in the past, and had trouble making friends because of it. However, after her experiences with being a Precure alongside Itsuki, Yuri, and Erika, she managed to become a considerably less shy person, and found herself surrounded by friends before she knew it. Tsubomi is a very determined girl and a hard worker, and although she started off as both the weakest Precure and the weakest Pokemon trainer, she's worked hard to get where she is today, bringing out her inner potential to it's utmost. She's the granddaughter of Kaoruko Hanasaki.

Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty
Pokemon Team: Aurorus, Abomasnow, Weavile, Glaceon, Froslass
Status: Ice Type Champion
Birthplace: Nanairogaoka City

Sixteen year old Reika Aoki is the official Champion of the region- however, sometimes she's not always there, and consequently the role of Champion is filled by Saki and Mai. It would seem that Reika is still very active in her role as a Precure, and assists others as they need her. She currently seems to be tied up in some business somewhere else, which Seiji thinks is a shame- he'd really like to battle against her. An ice type Pokemon trainer, she has a great amount of skill when it comes to using them, and has defeated challengers time and time again. It's considered to be something of an accomplishment if you can even defeat her first Pokemon. Reika firmly believes in following her own path- and although she used to worry if she was truly doing it correctly, she eventually came to the conclusion that no matter what kind of path she took, it was still a path- and above all, it was her path.

Saki Hyuuga/Cure Bloom
Pokemon Team: Gardevoir, Florges, Sylveon, Whismur (Flappy)
Status: Champion
Birthplace: Yuunagi Region

When Reika isn't available for Champion battles, energetic and optimistic twenty two year old Saki Hyuuga forms part of the pair that takes her place. A skilled Pokemon battler who doesn't seem to have a particular area of expertise, Saki and Mai are by no means any weaker or easier to beat than Reika. While a combo pair of Champions might seem a little strange, the two of them are deeply in synch with the other, and always seem to understand what the other is thinking even without words. This makes them a tough pair to beat- especially because they do Double Battles by default. Saki is also a former Precure, although she and Mai finished their battle a long time ago, compared to everyone else- and as a result, all current Precure regard them as their senpai. Coming from a family of bakers, Saki has a powerful sweet tooth, but also has a can do attitude that she wants to spread to everyone around her.

Mai Mishou/Cure Egret
Pokemon Team: Mantine, Talonflame, Salamence, Audino (Choppy)
Status: Champion
Birthplace: Yuunagi Region

Saki's partner in both Pokemon battling and Precure, twenty two year old Mai is a calm and quiet young woman who is also noted for her skill in art. When she's not acting as Champion, she's often found traveling to find new things to draw. Mai takes her role as a Precure senpai with a light hand, but also is more than happy to help guide any of the current Precure. Although she's less forward about it, she's just as optimistic as Saki is, and it's part of why the two of them make such a great team. Rather graceful and very composed, Mai is harder to read than Saki since she lets less show on her face- but she's not aloof at all, and has a very warm and inviting atmosphere around her. She's very interested in encouraging those who lose to her and Saki, sharing her partner's dream of spreading positivity and happiness to everyone.

Pokemon Researchers

Honoka Yukishiro/Cure White
Pokemon Team: Goomy, Corsola, Golett
Status: Pokemon Professor

At twenty three, Honoka is perhaps one of the youngest Pokemon Professors out there- she got an early start in the field and was propelled forward by both her remarkable intelligence and her own hard work. She doesn't seem to have a specific field of study- rather she just studies whatever happens to catch her interest at that moment. Once she devotes herself to a topic though, she sticks with it until she's done what she's set out to do, and doesn't just flit from one project to the next. Honoka is in charge of handing out Pokedexes for the region, and as a result, there are often rookie trainers who come to visit her lab for this purpose. Honoka is happy to help anyone who has any questions about Pokemon- the only problem is that she usually ends up telling them more than they ever wanted to know about the subject in question.

Kaoruko Hanasaki
Pokemon Team: Deerling, Phantump
Status: Pokemon Researcher

A researcher of both grass type and fairy type Pokemon, Kaoruko is getting on in years- but she hasn't lost a step. The grandmother of Tsubomi, it would seem that back in her day, Kaoruko used to be region Champion. She has a very sweet and nurturing personality, and she believes that people need to improve at their own pace, without rushing into it. She believes that rushing into things will never result in the best possible future. She is very proud of her granddaughter's accomplishments, both in Pokemon battling and being a Precure. It would seem that a long time ago, when there was less need for the Precure than there is now, she was chosen as Cure Flower, and defended the world from Dune. She was more than happy to guide her granddaughter and her friends along when Dune reappeared. Although she can't transform anymore, Kaoruko is still often sought after by the current Precure for advice.

Important Secondary Characters

Pokemon Team: Swoobat, Sableye, Marill, Spritzee
Status: Trainer, Former Team Selfish Member

The daughter of the former leader of Team Selfish, thirteen year old Regina has a rather spoiled princess type of image to her- but in spite of that, she does have a very warm and loving heart. It's just not one that she had much occasion to use before, so she's only getting used to it now. Regina was never truly evil, but was simply following along with what her papa said, desperate to please him and stay in his good graces. It seemed that he was being possessed by something horrible, but even now that he's freed, she needs some space from him to become her own person- and he understands this. Thus, she set on the path of becoming a Pokemon Trainer, seeing as going on a journey would give her some independence. She travels alongside her twin sister, Aguri, in efforts to get to know the girl that she never had a chance to meet growing up. Regina is something of a friend of Ira's, having in part been responsible for the development of his own ego in the first place.

Aguri Madoka/Cure Ace
Pokemon Team: Cyndaquil, Braixen, Litleo
Status: Pokemon Nurse in Training

Regina's twin sister, Aguri has never actually had the chance to get to know her- until now, that is. To her aggravation, it seems that she's the younger twin by at least five minutes. She's very mature for her age of thirteen, and is prone to lecturing people at the drop of a hat if she feels that they've failed in their duties- whatever those might be. She actually used to be much harsher and more unforgiving, but it would seem that with time, and after interacting with Rikka and everyone, she's mellowed out. In the past, when she used to transform into a Precure, she would become an adult, due to her deep desire of wanting to have everyone look up to her and respect her- but lately she's been transforming and remaining her real age instead. Aguri thinks it's better that way, in the end. Currently she's traveling with her twin sister Regina, while studying to become a Pokemon Nurse.

Baron Salamander
Pokemon Team: Giratina

A mysterious man who now fills the role of Olivier's father, Baron Salamander is actually a powerful dragon that has taken on human form. He has tried to destroy the world twice, and has failed both times. Now he's let go of his hate, he has settled down with Olivier, enjoying traveling around the world with his beloved son. The Baron seems to be lacking a certain amount of common sense, but puts his all into being Olivier's father, and teaches him about the world in place of sending him to school. He's not much interested in Pokemon, but the one that he does posses... well, it's quite something, to say the least. The Baron seems to be on amicable terms with Kaoruko and Yuri these days, although it seems to be slightly one-sided in the case of the latter (she really wishes he would stop sending her weird trinkets all the time).

Pokemon Team: Golbat, Jigglypuff, Rattata (Bel), Roselia
Status: Former Team Selfish Member

A former member of Team Selfish, and one of it's main generals, Marmo is an artificially created being, like Ira. Unlike Ira, she wasn't mass produced, but was created specifically to fill the role of a general from the start. She's very vain and has a lot of pride in herself- often too much. She does seem to care for Ira a little- that said, she can rarely tell apart the Ira that Regina kept around as her 'pet' and the rest of the Iras that served as grunt fodder in the base, even though he's not the same age as the rest. After Team Selfish is defeated, she takes Bel with her and decides to go on a journey of her own, to really understand the world that she nearly tried to destroy. It doesn't seem like she's entirely had a change of heart- but she's willing to at least think about it, at any rate.

Status: Former Team Selfish Member
Moveset: Bite, Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Cut

Bel was once a proud member of Team Selfish, and was one of it's four generals. Like Marmo, he was created to serve the role, and he filled it well- he was created to be clever and ambitious. The only problem was that Bel became too ambitious, and after the initial fall of their leader, Bel attempted to take over his power- only for this to backfire horribly on him. He narrowly escaped death by transferring his own energy into a nearby Pokemon- the only problem is that said Pokemon happened to be a simple and unremarkable Rattata. Bel is very annoyed by this turn of events, although it seems he'll be able to reshape his human body after a number of years of recollecting his energy, it doesn't change the fact that for the moment, he's turned into a pretty weak Pokemon. At the very least, his former ally, Marmo, seems to have taken some pity on him, and decided to take him with her on her travels.

Ayumi Sakagami/Cure Echo
Pokemon Team: Ditto (Fu-chan), Bidoof (Gureru), Vulpix (EnEn), Metagross, Arceus
Status: Trainer

Ayumi is a sixteen year old trainer who appears to be also attempting to challenge the Pokemon League, as Seiji and the others often run into her on their travels. For whatever reason, it always seems that the somewhat shy and soft-spoken girl is always getting herself mixed up in rather strange business- as she always seems to be doing something odd when the group runs into her again. It's not quite until later that they discover that this is because she's the current Precure, and is attempting to protect the world from some vague, undefined threat (she's not quite sure what it is either, to be honest). Ayumi is a girl who is slowly coming out her shell, and is slowly gaining confidence in herself. Up until a year ago, she was the sort of person who didn't seem to be able to use her voice at all in social situations, but now she's begun to be able to speak up properly, and has started to make new friends during her travels as well.

Ako Shirabe/Cure Muse
Pokemon Team: Togekiss, Flaaffy, Joltik
Status: Trainer, Princess

The princess of Major Land, thirteen year old Ako is currently traveling incognito with her best friend, Souta. She seems to be challenging the Pokemon League- although not entirely seriously. Her journey is simply an excuse for her to get out into the world and see what there is to see, outside the confines of her palace. Although she's younger than most, three years ago, she fought as a Precure, transforming into Cure Muse, in order to protect the world from Noise, who wanted to erase all sound, turning the world into a frozen 'utopia', as he called it. Ako and her friends put a stop to it, and not only saved the world, but also Noise himself. She has a very blunt and direct personality, but also has an extremely kind heart, and can't just abandon someone who is need, especially Pokemon. Ako was planning on taking a journey like this before everything went south with Noise, which obviously delayed her plans- after which she remained at home for another year to spend time with her family, who she nearly completely lost during her battles.

Souta Minamino
Pokemon Team: Axew, Gastly, Riolu
Status: Trainer

Ako's best friend, although it might be hard to tell this at first glance, given Ako's slightly aloof attitude towards their friendship, thirteen year old Souta is also her traveling companion. He was extremely excited to set off on his Pokemon journey and was excited to challenge the Pokemon League- although he doesn't seem to be quite as good at battling as Ako is. This only impresses Souta however, and he's very enthusiastic about seeing his good friend succeed. Apparently he became friends with her while she was hiding out in Kanon Town for safety reasons, although he had no idea she was the princess of Major Land until after she told him. That didn't really change all that much to be honest, and honestly he has a hard time picturing Ako as a princess sometimes. Souta's a pretty good kid, although he does have something of a mischievous streak to him. It would seem that Ellen is rather fond of him.

Ira "Era"
Pokemon Team: Noivern, Zoroark, Absol
Status: Trainer, Idol

On the surface, Era is a popular male idol and singer who appeared recently, and has gained a virtual firestorm of fans within a short period of time. Underneath that, however, he's actually a survivor of Team Selfish, and is one of the many grunt clones that were created to fill out the ranks. When Team Selfish's laboratory exploded, nearly all of them were killed- other than the prototype Ira, and this one. Left to his own devices and with no other guidance, Era eventually developed his own psyche and personality, and was found by someone who recognized that she could market him- thus creating the idol that he is today. Unlike Ira, Era is around sixteen years of age in appearance, and is quite a bit taller than him- being closer to the finished product than the twelve year old boy. Aside from those minute differences however, the two of them are genetically identical, being clones of each other. Era treats Ira as his younger brother, in spite of being younger than him- much to Ira's frustration.

Other Noteworthy Appearances

Setsuna Higashi/Cure Passion

Love's adoptive sister, nineteen year old Setsuna was brought into the family after she escaped from Team Labyrinth, where she had been raised all of her life. These days she's spending her time alongside her former Team Labyrinth members, Westar and Soular, helping to reeducate everyone that Team Labyrinth had brainwashed. She's very thankful for her friends, who helped her overcome this, and is thankful for finding a new family amongst everything. Setsuna is proud of her the accomplishments of her friends, and often remains in touch with Inori as she travels on her own journey.

Princess Marie-Ange

The princess of the Trump Kingdom, which was once invaded by Team Selfish, Marie-Ange was slumbering in ice until Makoto finally managed to free her from it. The princess has now returned to the throne, and is busy dealing with all of the damage that Team Selfish caused to her region. She's very proud of Makoto's accomplishments, and is extremely happy that she's finally starting to live her own life, and is eager to see where it takes her. Marie-Ange is a well loved monarch, and is well respected by her people.

Kanade Minamino/Cure Rhythm

Souta's older sister, seventeen year old Kanade was originally somewhat against him going on a Pokemon journey- although she relented when she found out he would be going with Ako. She can be somewhat strict at times, but that's nothing compared to how she used to be in the past, and she's mellowed out quite a bit since then. Kanade fought alongside Ellen, Ako, and her childhood friend, Hibiki, in order to protect the world from Noise- and ended up saving Noise as well. She keeps in touch with Ako and her little brother often, as she worries about him.

Hime Shirayuki

The princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, Hime is acquainted with both Ako and Marie-Ange, the two other princesses being her only friends. At least, that is until she meets Megumi, and her world begins expanding bit by bit. Hime can be shy and very withdrawn at first- but underneath that she actually has a very boisterous and energetic personality, and isn't afraid to speak her mind to people she knows well. She seems to be interested in cute Pokemon, although she seems to be most fond of Torchics out of anything else. She thinks they're very cute.


  • Oogai City: The location of Alice's gym, and Rikka's hometown, Oogai is a bustling city that is best known for the Clover Tower, the tallest manmade structure in the region.
  • Clover Town: The location of Miki's gym, and Inori's hometown, Clover Town is most famous for the donut cafe that can be found there.
  • Trump Kingdom: Makoto's hometown, the Trump Kingdom is it's own region, but is considered a rather small one. It is ruled over by Princess Marie-Ange currently, in lieu of her father.
  • Pikarigaoka City: Megumi and Seiji's hometown, and the location of Yuko's gym.
  • Blue Sky Kingdom: Hime's home region.
  • Kanon Town: Souta and Kanade's hometown and the location of Ellen's gym.
  • Major Land: Ako and Ellen's home region, it's considered to be a very musical place.
  • Nanairogaoka Town: Reika, Nao, and Yayoi's hometown and the location of Nao's gym.
  • Kibougahana Town: Yuri and Itsuki's hometown and the location of Itsuki's gym.
  • Yuunagi Region: The region from which Saki and Mai come from. It's considered to be both small and remote.


Episode Number
First Appearance of
"Setting Out! The First Steps of a Journey!"
After defeating Team Selfish, Rikka thought that she would finally have a chance to relax. However, she was quickly proven in correct when Ira, who she had more or less picked up along her journey, declared his intent to go on one himself. Deciding that she would go with him, worried about the trouble he would get into otherwise, Rikka enrolled in the Pokemon Medic Training Partner Program.
Rikka Hishikawa, Ira, Raquel





























  • The character of Era is based off of Ira's early concept art, who I thought looked something like an idol, and then I went a little bit crazy from there.
  • Olivier has a Pikachu because his seiyuu also voices Pikachu. How could I not.
  • The Happiness Charge Precure are not Precure yet in this story, making them all normal civilian characters.