Joyful Fresh Precure is a sequel series to Fresh Precure, set around twenty-six years in the future, and revolves around the adventures of the children of the original four Fresh Precure as they battle against an evil from their mother's past. Like the original Fresh, the theme of the series revolves around fruits and card suites, but also expands the dancing theme into an idol theme.


It has been twenty-six years since the Precure defeated Lord Moebius, and set not only the world of Labyrinth free, but all of the other parallel worlds, including their own, as well. Since then, there has been peace and quiet, and the Cures have gone on about their lives, growing up, finding love, and having children of their own. Everything seems peaceful- but it appears that this peace is not to last, as a deadly threat from their past is about to revive. Taking into account that she might lose in the final battle, Northa planted seeds containing her essence, hidden at the site of the old fortune telling mansion, and through them, she has finally revived- and this time, she doesn't plan on serving anyone but herself. With Northa revived, the Fresh Precure find themselves no longer able to transform- instead, it would seem it's time to pass that duty on to their children. But twenty-six years has been a long time, and Northa has been able to do a great deal of thinking during that time period- she has some serious tricks up her sleeve. And considering how big of a threat she was the first time around...

Can the newly minted second generation of Fresh Precure defeat her before she can devour the entire world with the Tree of Sorrow? Well- they'll give it their best shot.



Cure Cherry/Akae Nishi
Intro: "The red heart is the symbol of determination! Freshly Plucked, Cure Cherry!"
Attack: "Precure Harmony Drive!" "Precure Harmony Drive Fresh!"
Weapon: Cherry Hammer
Colors: Scarlet Lake, Cherry Red
Voiced By: Itou Kanae

The daughter of Setsuna and Hayato Nishi, Akae is a cheerful and energetic sixteen year old girl who is into sports in a huge way. Rather than being on any one team at her school, Akae often contributes to every club, acting as a pinch hitter when needed. She's almost always smiling, and doesn't like to see other people sad. In many ways, she takes after her father, including the possession of a fearsome sweet tooth- luckily, all the physical activity she does means that this isn't a problem. Akae grew up hearing about her parents great deeds alongside the rest of the Precure- but she's also well aware of all of the terrible things they both did before switching sides, and has kept this in mind as well. She is determined to make the world a better place than how she found it, and if she has to do it one person at a time, she's fine with that. She ends up taking charge with the new Fresh Cure team, and as neither of her parents are humans, she's amazingly strong even without transforming- especially considering who her father is. Consequentially, she's the team's hardest hitter and her strong point is punching.

yotsubamomozono_icon.jpgCure Dragon/Yotsuba Momozono
Intro: "The pink heart is the symbol of kindness! Freshly Picked, Cure Dragon!"
Attack: "Precure Lovely Rose!" "Precure Lovely Rose Fresh!"
Weapon: Dragon Kaleidoscope
Colors: Hot Pink, Pale Pink
Voiced By: Komatsu Mikako

When Yotsuba was four years old, she and her parents were involved in what would later become known as one of the deadliest train accidents in the world, resulting when a critical error caused a bullet train to entirely run off track in the middle of rush hour. Yotsuba survived the accident, a thing which was deemed as a miracle, and later found her way into the arms of Love Momozono, who claimed that her name had called out to her, a sure sign that she had to look after this child, and adopted her. Since then, Yotsuba has taken to her new family, including both of her siblings, and loves them as if they were blood related. Like her adoptive mother, she's become a person who loves to help other people, and wants to spread her kindness throughout the world. Yotsuba is dead set on entering some kind of important volunteer program when she graduates from college, although she's not sure exactly what at this point. She's often occupied with helping out at the local preschool and playing basketball on her school's team. As Cure Dragon, Yotsuba didn't become the leader that her mother was, but she's perfectly happy with having Akae in charge.

naruhaminami_icon.jpgCure Blueberry/Naruha Aono
Intro: "The blue heart is the symbol of grace! Freshly Gathered, Cure Blueberry!"
Attack: "Precure Graceful Mirage!" "Precure Graceful Mirage Fresh!"
Weapon: Blueberry Staff
Colors: Indigo Blue, Light Blue
Voiced By: Yahagi Sayuri

The seventeen year old daughter of Miki and Shun Aono, Naruha has grown up possessing all of the natural grace that her mother carries. Unlike Miki, however, Naruha isn't very enamored by the world of fashion- while she does take good care of her looks, she's always been the more studious sort. She's the top student at her high school, and she dreams of one day becoming a doctor. Naruha can come across as being cold and isolated, but she just generally isn't the type of person to have a whole lot to say- she's never been very good with casual conversations. Naruha has been good friends with Akae since childhood, in spite of their contrasting personalities. Like Akae, Naruha is aware of events that occurred in the past- and the things that her father had done while fighting the Precure. When the Precure are needed again, Naruha is initially resistant to become one, claiming that she is an exam student, and that she can't risk her future dreams in order to fight evil. However, she soon comes to realize that if she stands by and does nothing, there may be no place for dreams anymore.

Cure Mango/Mineto Mikoshiba
Intro: "The yellow heart is the symbol of enthusiasm! Freshly Harvested, Cure Mango!"
Attack: "Precure Cheerful Cannon!" "Precure Cheerful Cannon Fresh!"
Weapon: Mango Dagger
Colors: Spanish Orange, Golden Yellow
Voiced By: Kaji Yuki

The fourteen year old son of Inori and Kento Mikoshiba, Mineto is the youngest and the only male member of the Precure team. He's always been short for his age, and constantly has people confuse him for an elementary school student. He wants to become bigger and more grown up soon, and it seems that this sort of thing annoys him- made worse for the fact that Yotsuba always teases him about it. However, despite that, Mineto tends to be a pretty cheerful person, who tries not to say mean things about anyone. Like his father, Mineto is one day expected to take over the Mikoshiba Group- but unlike his father, he doesn't feel as if he's being forced into it. If there's one thing that Mineto doesn't lack, it's confidence in himself, possessing an iron will and the refusal to back down to anyone. He's a little embarrassed about being the only male Precure on the team, but he's decided that he's going to give it his all. Unlike the other three, he doesn't have a dream, but also figures that he has plenty of time still to sort out exactly what it is that he wants to do.

Cure Kiwi/???
Intro: "The green heart is the symbol of mystery! Freshly Grown, Cure Kiwi!"
Attack: "Precure Shining Thread!" "Precure Shining Thread Fresh!"
Weapon: Kiwi Spear
Colors: Lime Green, Jade Green
Voiced By: ????

A mysterious Precure of unknown origins who appears from time to time to assist the Precure with their battles against Northa. She has never approached the Precure in their civilian forms, at least not to their knowledge, so the girls know nothing about her. She seems to know them, however, so it's possible that she's been watching them for some time. Soular in particular feels as if she's a suspicious person, and as a consequence, Naruha does not initially trust her, trusting her father's instincts. After all, what is it that she has to hide that keeps her from identifying herself to them? This eventually causes a rift between the Cures, especially as Akae and Yotsuba seem to like her, while Naruha and Mineto are more suspicious.


Love Momozono
Voiced By: Oki Kanae

Twenty six years ago, Love and her three friends, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna, saved not only Earth, but multiple other parallel worlds from the rule of Lord Moebius of Labyrinth. Since then, Love and her friends have been living in peace, never having much cause to transform again. During her older teen years, Love and her friends lived out their dancing dreams, becoming something of an idol quartet for around five years. Eventually, most of them retired from show business life, although Love still has her connections- she's a famous choreographer and dance instructor, after all. She briefly dated Daisuke after the events of the series, but they broke up not long afterwards, realizing they weren't really compatible- in fact the more Love thought about it, the more she realized that she had never really been looking for romance in the first place. Love is very happy with her life, and has come to adopt three children, all of whom she loves very dearly. However, when Northa returns, Love knows that her peaceful days are over. Although she discovers she can't become a Precure anymore, Love is determined to give Yotsuba and the others her full support.

Miki Aono
Voiced By: Kitamura Eri

Like Love, Miki has remained in the show business, and has become the top model that she has always dreamed of being. Because of her work, she's often very busy, and can't be home as often as she would like to be, often leaving Soular to raise Naruha. It's clear that she cares very deeply for her daughter, and makes as much free time as she possibly can for her. She often has feelings of guilt that the work she loves means that she cannot be there for the daughter she also loves, but also couldn't possibly choose between the two. Miki and Soular settled down on Earth shortly after their marriage, and sometimes it can be a bit hard for her to dodge questions about her rather enigmatic husband with the press. She worries that one day, someone might dig a bit too deeply and uncover something that they shouldn't about his past, and is worried about what that would mean for Soular and Naruha. Because of her work, Miki is absent for the first couple of episodes, and doesn't learn about Northa's revival until after the rest of the cast.

Inori Mikoshiba
Voiced By: Nakagawa Akiko

Inori, after her time in the spotlight, happily retired to a career of tending to the animals that she loved, taking over her parent's veterinary practice. She works alongside her father and her mother still, although Inori has now become the main vet at the animal clinic. She has gained an impressive reputation for herself, and people say that it's as if she can understand what the animals are saying- little do they know that this is actually the case. Inori married Kento shortly after she graduated from college, and the two of them have been living happily together above the clinic. There are people in the Mikoshiba Group who clearly frown on this, disapproving of their otherwise rich head live in a rather common dwelling in the shopping district. However they are happy there, and have encouraged their son into having a great deal of self-esteem, giving him the self confidence that they both had to work and struggle for at an early age.

Setsuna Nishi
Voiced By: Komatsu Yuka

Setsuna played a vital role in the revival of Labyrinth, alongside Westar and Soular, assuring that the citizens of Labyrinth could one day see a bright future. Eventually, however, she and Hayato moved back to Earth, and to Yotsuba Town, so that they could be with the rest of their friends. That changed with the birth of their second child, however, as Setsuna decided it would be best for him to move back to Labyrinth, where he would have access to more advanced medical care. She splits her time now between Labyrinth and Earth, and between spending time with Akashi and spending time with Hayato and Akae, who remained behind, as they did not want Akae to be separated from her friends. Setsuna works in Labyrinth in the budding entertainment business, acting as a talent scout and an agent. She still makes sure to spare plenty of time for Akashi, however, and always rushes to his side whenever he needs her. When Northa revives, she realizes she's needed back in Yotsuba Town, and returns there with her son, who has recovered his health enough to return to Earth.

hayatonishi_icon.jpgwestar_icon.jpgWestar/Hayato Nishi
Voiced By: Matsumoto Yasunori

Twenty five years ago, Westar attempted to capture Infinity in hopes of placing all parallel worlds underneath Lord Moebius' control- and this is something he has come to deeply regret. Now Hayato is married to Setsuna, and is the father of two, and although the family is often apart because of Akashi's illness, he loves every member of it dearly and thinks that they are the best in the world. He lives and works on Earth, jumping from odd job to odd job, although he mainly works as a delivery boy for almost everyone on Clover Town Street. He's viewed as being reliable and a good natured man and while there are some who suspect things about his past, they choose to keep it silent, seeing who he is now as something that matters more. Hayato has changed little over the past twenty five years, though this does not appear to be the case for Setsuna and Soular. While it doesn't seem to bother him, there's something about Akae's appearance as she grows older that brings up some unpleasant memories- but it isn't until Northa's revival that he realizes what this is.

Soular/Shun Aono
Voiced By: Suzumura Kenichi

Out of the former servants of Lord Moebius, Soular feels that he has the most to regret. He feels as if many of the tactics he used are now completely unforgivable, though he keeps these feelings to himself and tries to make up for his past misdeeds in his own, quiet way. Although Soular played an important role in the early days of the reformation of Labyrinth, once Miki's modelling career took off, he left Labyrinth behind to travel with her, worried about her being on her own. Although he knows Miki is quite competent as Cure Berry, Soular didn't want some creep to try and harm her when she wasn't able to transform or just wasn't looking. Eventually the two of them became a couple- although Miki was the one who had to confess, and later, propose. These days, Soular has come to worry less about Miki being on her own realizing that indeed, she's perfectly competent both in and out of Precure form. He runs a book store on Clover Town Street, and lives there with Naruha. He supports her aspirations to become a doctor, which is part of the reason why his book store has an unusually large amount of medical textbooks.


northa_icon.gifnayutakita_icon.gifNortha/Nayuta Kita
Voiced By: Watanabe Misa

Once the highest ranking member of Labyrinth, Northa was one of Lord Moebius' two most trusted servants. She was incredibly powerful, and was capable of creating Sorewatase Seeds, the highest class of monster featured in Fresh. Created from plant DNA, Northa has an affinity over them- but she seems to prefer them in rotted, twisted states, rather than in full bloom. She has the power to wilt plants upon contact, and her arrival brings with it a foreboding atmosphere, a drop in temperature and flickering lights. After her defeat in Fresh, she was thought dead- until it turned out that she had a back-up plan for that too. Now she's determined to see to it that she gets her revenge on both the Fresh Cures and the two traitors, Westar and Soular, all while gathering Sorrow Energy in order to awaken the Tree of Sorrow. She can still perform a 'Switch Over' in order to take on the appearance of Nayuta Kita, a form she uses in order to not arouse suspicion, and also to tell fortunes, searching for people filled with despair in order to sacrifice them to the Tree.

nightshade_icon.jpgYuiha Chinen/Nightshade
Voiced By: Satou Satomi

The sixteen year old daughter of Daisuke Chinen, she's grown up without having a mother in the picture- Yuiha's mother died in the same train accident that killed Yotsuba's biological parents. Yuiha has grown up in the shadow of her aunt, because her appearance is very similar to that of Miyuki's. However, she utterly lacks any kind of coordination, and is extremely clumsy, often tripping over her own feet. However, because of her aunt, everyone expects her to be graceful and a wonderful dancer, and they force their expectations unfairly onto Yuiha. She's become rather shy and withdrawn, wanting to be seen for herself, and not for her aunt. Yuiha has a great talent in sewing and embroidery, but she's never been able to bring it up herself. People are often disappointed with Yuiha when she lets them down, even though they were the ones to pile unreasonable expectations on her in the first place. Early on in the story, Northa manipulates her, using her weak heart to give birth to Nightshade. Like Northa, she can now perform a Switch Over between this and her normal form.

Akashi Nishi/Baccata
Voiced By: Irino Miyu

The fourteen year old son of Setsuna and Hayato Nishi, and the younger brother of Akae, Akashi was ill from the moment he was born. His disease would have proven to be fatal in his early years had he remained on Earth, so Setsuna took him back to Labyrinth, in hopes that their more advanced technology could treat him better- and she was right. Although has Akashi survived to become a teenager, he is still very sickly and physically weak, and it doesn't take much to bring on an attack. Physical activity is forbidden, and Akashi spends most of his time bound to his bed. However, Akashi believes that one day he'll be able to become just as strong and amazing as his father, even though this is most likely not the case. Northa shatters that illusion for him, and using the despair that generates from him, she manipulates him into becoming a minion for her as well, taking the name of Baccata. Granted a strong body for the first time in his life, his memories have been erased, much like Yuiha's are later on. Like Northa and Yuiha, he can also perform a Switch Over, but almost never does so, as this will give him his weak body back.


A mysterious third servant of Northa that has been hinted at, though nobody knows their true name or nature. But it appears that they are very close by- and might have already made contact with the Precure.

Briar Rose

A fourth servant of Northa who appears later on in the series, she seems to be in constant pain from the Briar Rose Crown that she wears.


aikomomozono_icon.jpgAiko Momozono
Voiced By: Yasuno Kiyono

Sweet and kind fourteen year old Aiko is a rather gentle soul and a quiet girl, but don't mistake her for being shy. She simply enjoys being around people and watching and listening to them, and rarely feels that she has anything she needs to say. She'll speak when directly spoken to, but otherwise generally is rather quiet and soft spoken. This makes her an excellent listener, and she's the kind of person that people go to for advice. Like Love's two other children, Aiko was adopted, and was the only member brought into the family as a baby. Her parents could not afford to keep her, and made the hard decision of giving her up for adoption so that she could have a better life. Aiko wishes to meet her biological parents someday, but she also views Love as her irreplaceable mother.

moriyamomozono_icon.jpgMoriya Momozono
Voiced By: Kimura Ryohei

The oldest of Love's children, Moriya is a nineteen year old boy who was adopted into the Momozono family when he was seven. His childhood was less than ideal, and he doesn't like speaking about it overmuch. He bears his fair share of scars from his time with his biological mother, both physical and mental. Moriya possesses a slight fear of woman, although through Love's care, this fear has mostly been assuaged from his initially severe phobia. Moriya is currently attending a local university, and is a member of his college's Occult Club. It would seem that since birth, Moriya has been gifted with psychometry, the power to read a person's thoughts or feelings based on physical contact. It was because of this that he broke apart his biological mother's marriage, and she blamed him for it. Moriya didn't find true acceptance for his unique abilities until he met Love- someone whose thoughts and feelings were the same on the outside as they were on the inside.

Misumi Kate
Voiced By: Toyosaki Aki

A sixteen year old transfer student to Naruha's high school, Misumi is a rather polite, but often scatterbrained girl. She comes from a wealthy family, but recently settled with her grandmother in Yotsuba Town after her parents decided that they needed a breather from each other. Although she's very well meaning and tries not to cause any trouble, her clumsy and forgetful nature often troubles those around her. Naruha ends up becoming friends with her anyways, and as a result, Akae, Mineto, and Yotsuba all later befriend her. Misumi dreams of one day opening up her very own tea house, and has a deep passion for it and is upset by anyone who doesn't respect tea. She's unaware of her new friends identities as Precure, although it does seem that she deeply admires the legendary warriors. She wants to someday be as graceful and elegant as she seems to think the Precure are. It seems that she misses both of her parents very much, and also deeply worries that they'll ultimately decide to never get back together.

Mao Minamoto
Voiced By: Fukuyama Jun

A twenty four year old vet tech working at Inori's animal clinic, Mao is a good natured young man known best for making terrible jokes in the form of horrible puns. He's something of a crybaby and gets very emotional whenever something bad happens, and doesn't really seem to think he should feel embarrassed by this at all. He moved to Yotsuba Town hoping that he could get a job at the Yamabuki Clinic, after having heard of Inori's legendary reputation. He wants to learn the secrets of how she can care for animals so well, but the last thing he expects is that a magical fairy-like being has given her the power to speak to animals. Mao is a very hard worker when on the job, but he can be a little lazy when he's off of it. He's a terrible cook, and has been known to burn everything he gets his hands on- including water. He plans on becoming a full-fledged veterinarian one day, but he had to reign in his original plans due to his family lacking the finances to put him through a proper veterinary program. He grew up in a dirt poor family, and he's the first person in it to even go to any kind of college, so his parents are very proud of him.

Chieka Shimada
Voiced By: Nakajima Megumi

Naruha's rival, in the sense that she is the student ranked number two at their school. In spite of this, the two of them are on good terms. Chieka is a very cheerful girl, but she's also the kind to not really think about what she says before she says it, so she often ends up with her foot in her mouth. It always seems to shock people when it turns out that she is actually really smart, but she doesn't really let it bother her. She looks up to Naruha's natural grace, and wishes that she could have that, considering herself to be rather average overall. She jokingly refers to the two of them as rivals, but it doesn't seem as if she's ever very serious about competing with her. She knows Akae and Yotsuba a little, but she's only met Mineto once or twice, though it seems she would like to become better friends with all of them. She secretly wants to become an idol, but doubts that she has the looks or the talent for it, feeling rather plain. She really just wants to feel like a glittering princess in the spotlight at least once.

Niito "Nii" Tsuda
Voiced By: Miyano Mamoru

Part of an idol pair that Love works as a choreographer for, Niito is the older member of the pair at nineteen years of age. Although he puts on a sparkling idol persona when on stage and in front of fans, the kind of guy who is quick to laugh and even quicker to smile and give a compliment, when he's off stage, he becomes rather quiet and subdued. He enjoys reading, and can often be found lost in a good book- Love sometimes jokes that he and Naruha would make a good pair. Although he denies it, he has actually fallen in love with Naruha, but doesn't know how to go about doing anything about this- and he's also worried that some of his more... hardcore fans would react negatively to this. It seems that he became part of the idol duo, Card Chance, because his childhood friend wanted to go to an audition, but was too shy and nervous to go alone- so Niito went with her. The producer in charge of the audition ended up liking them better as a pair than apart, so they formed a duo from that point on.

Maho Okita
Voiced By: Suzaki Aya

Although she is bright and cheerful around her close friends, sixteen year old Maho becomes nervous and shy when she is around strangers- and even more so when she is in large groups. But despite this, Maho has always wanted to become a shining idol, singing and dancing on stage- ever since she saw an old video of the dance group known as Clover. She's wanted to become the kind of person who could stand strong in front of others, and eventually, she saw the chance to grab at her dream. She didn't expect to drag Niito along with her into it, but she's happy that he's there, because when he's there, she feels like she can do anything. Maho seems to have feelings for her childhood friend, but she also quickly notices it when he falls for Naruha, so she attempts to disguise them. However, this isn't making them go away any faster, and she feels like she would be a horrible person to force her feelings onto someone who doesn't want them. Maho is a huge fan of Love, and is thrilled that she is the one teaching them dance.

Miyuki Chinen
Voiced By: Iizuka Mayumi

Now forty-two years old, Miyuki still hasn't lost her sense of rhythm, and is still very much active in the entertainment business. Although she has recently retired as a dancer, she is now in charge of teaching the new Trinity, and often works alongside Love. Card Chance is Miyuki's pet project, and it was her clot in the entertainment business that gave Maho and Niito their real chance. She's very well respected in the business, and is still a very well known face with very many fans. Being the first person to learn of the Precure's true identities, she has vowed to keep mum on what happened in Yotsuba Town twenty-six years ago- although she still gets questions, given how many times monsters attacked in her presence. She has vowed to guard the girl's secret with her life- and that extends to the reformed members of Labyrinth. Miyuki figured out that Setsuna was formerly Eas years ago, but she hasn't said anything, because she doesn't want to dredge up painful memories. But with the recent reappearance of Northa, the media is pitching into a frenzy, and is trying to dig up the past- and Miyuki is determined to use every amount of influence she has to bring down anyone putting her treasured friends in danger.

Daisuke Chinen
Voiced By: Shingaki Tarusuke

Twenty six years has given Daisuke a long time to get over breaking up with Love not long after they started to go out, and he's learned from his mistakes in the past. He's become a more open person and has become more honest with his feelings- and he's formally apologized to Setsuna as well. The two of them get along quite well on the off chance that they see each other now, and Daisuke has returned to being good friends with Love. He thought he had found the love of his life when he met his wife in college, Yukari, and was elated when they finally got married, and even more so when she gave birth to their child, Yuiha not long after. He was very excited about being a father and a husband, but that dream was smashed to pieces with Yukari's unexpected death. For a long time, Daisuke was in a state of shock, the only thing keeping him from doing anything rash was taking care of Yuiha. Eventually, he packed his bags, and moved with Yuiha back to Clover Town Street, and hopefully away from painful memories. He doesn't think he'll ever be ready for love again- he seems rather convinced that Yukari was the one for him. Still, he has become a good father to Yuiha- or he tries to be. It can be rather hard when she's started to close herself off to him.

Kento Mikoshiba
Voiced By: Toyonaga Toshiyuki

Now the head of the Mikoshiba Group, Kento has found himself very busy, but also attempts to make time for his family whenever possible. Since his experience aboard the ill-fated cruise ship party, he has gathered more resolve and confidence in himself, and has turned out to be a fantastic head for the group. He often hears people speaking a bit badly about his wife and his choice of lifestyle, but he tunes this out, as people who care about this sort of thing don't matter. He is very deeply in love with Inori, and the two of them still act like a newly wed couple, often embarrassing Mineto and leaving Love feeling all fluffy inside whenever she meets up with the two of them. Kento admits to being a little embarrassed for never realizing Inori and Cure Pine were the same person, but he's also very proud of his wife and what she has done in the past- and what she is doing now. However, Kento is also deeply worried when his son becomes a Precure, knowing what kind of danger he'll be putting himself in.

Voiced By: Maeda Ken

The mysterious owner of the moving Donut Cafe, Kaoru is a staple in Clover Town Street, and everyone there knows him- and yet nobody really knows anything about him. Time has treated him well, and the mystery behind him hasn't been solved any- any attempts by Love (and she has made a good number of them) have simply deepened the mystery. Eventually, she decided to give up before she got too confused by the whole thing, although it seems that Yotsuba and Akae are just as curious as she was. Kaoru is always ready with a friendly piece of advice and perhaps a few extra donuts on the side to help keep people's spirits up. He's very observant, and so he often notices things about the people around him that others miss- namely, he's the first one to realize that something about Yuiha has changed lately.


  • Yotsuba Town: The main location of the story, it's a bright and vivid city, known best for it's shopping district, known as Clover Town Street. Many of the characters were born and raised here.
  • Kaoru's Donut Cafe: The mobile donut cafe is rather famous in Yotsuba Town, and is known for producing delicious and cute looking donuts- but is also known just as well for it's mysterious owner.
  • Labyrinth: A parallel world linked to ours, Labyrinth was once ruled over by Lord Moebius, until that control was shattered thanks the power of the Precure- and also donuts. It's now a much brighter and more vivid place than before, although it hasn't entirely recovered from the consequences of Lord Moebius' many long years of control.
  • Public Yotsuba Junior High School: The school which Aiko and Mineto attend, it is Love's alma mater. Due to Inori's school being an all girls school, Mineto was enrolled here instead.
  • Public Yotsuba High School: The school which Yuiha, Yotsuba, and Akae attend. It is the high school branch of the middle school, and is located rather close to the school.
  • Private Torigoe Academy: The school which Naruha, Chieka, Misumi, and Maho attend, it's known as a school for the arts. Although Naruha is not pursuing a career in the arts she, like Chieka, were enrolled in the school on it's academic track.


  • Linkrun: The transformation items of the Fresh Precure, they are based off their original cell phones, but have since been modified by the fairy key spirits living inside of them. The original Fresh Cures also still posses their Linkruns, and while they maintain each girl's special power, they can no longer be used to transform them. In order to transform, they call out, "Change, Pretty Cure! Beat Up!"
  • Cure Sticks: The Precures upgraded weapons, obtained by placing their respective spirit into the Linkrun's keyhole.
  • Sorewatase Seeds: The seeds used to create Sorewatase, which are powerful monsters.
  • Nakisakebe Card: An item created by Northa, and given to Lord Moebius, it was later passed into Eas' hands. Northa can still create Nakisakebe cards, although she is far more frugal with them- after all, it won't do if she kills of her precious pawns.
  • Briar Rose Crown: A secondary item created by Northa, by combining a Sorewatase Seed with branches from the Tree of Sorrow. When placed on a human, the crown engulfs them, creating a monster more powerful than a Sorewatase.


Song Info
Performed By
"Let's! Fresh Precure! ~Joyful Remix~"
Mizuki Moie
"Fresh Parade!"
Mizuki Moie
"Happy Harmony!"
Itou Kanae
"Happy Lovely Song for You!"
Komatsu Mikako
Insert Song
"Shuffle the Love Song!"
Card Chance


Episode Number
​Release Date
"Darkness From the Past Rises! Northa's Revival!"
After having a strange nightmare of her long past battle with Northa, Love awakens in a shock. Fearing that something might be wrong, she decides to return to the place where the old mansion once stood and comes face to face with a living nightmare- Northa. After discovering that she can no longer transform, Love finds herself in a pinch- only to be saved by the arrival of a new Precure.

"A New Generation! The Reappearance of the Legendary Warriors!"
Learning that the reason she was unable to transform from Akae was because a new generation of Precure has already been selected, Love knows that she needs to pass down her Linkrun to one of her own children- but she's also hesitant to, knowing exactly what it is that they'll be facing. Eventually, however, she passes it on to Yotsuba, just as Miki and Inori pass on their own.


















































  • Some elements of the plot line borrow from the ongoing tumblr roleplay involving Northa and the Fresh Precure, including Northa's revival, and other elements.