Neapolitan Precure is a Precure fanseries by Bekuki, and is centered around sweets. Unlike her other Precure fanseries, it does not have a big bad, but rather focuses on the day to day adventures of a trio of little girls with Precure powers as they use them to solve problems in their hometown- in other words, it's a slice of life series. It is slated for twenty-one episodes, one movie and one ova.


In the town of Kochamachi, there is a dangerous threat that's recently appeared and to defeat it, a team of three Precure was born. Together, Cure Sugar, Spice, and Salt, the Flavor Precure, will fight to bring peace and justice to the world.

Oh, this story isn't about them? Well then! Let me try again.

In the town of Kochamachi, there live three pure hearted young girls, their heads filled with dreams and a desire to do good in the world. Together, they become the Neapolitan Precure, Cure Chocolate, Cure Vanilla, and Cure Strawberry! Recruited by the Flavor Precure as their juniors and eventual replacements in the distant future, they are three girls who are determined to fill the world with smiles and to become amazing Precure, like those that came before them. With their magical powers they will help out the local townsfolk, scare off mean bullies, and maybe make some new friends along the way. The three close friends are determined to make each and every day memorable, and to have the most fun possible. One things for sure, every day will be an adventure!


Neapolitan Precure/Mascots

curechocolate_icon.jpgsayaiijichi_icon.jpgSaya Iijichi/Cure Chocolate
Voiced By: Sudou Nanako
Intro: "A Shower of Sweets! Cure Chocolate!"
Item: Chocolate Prism Heart Wand
Attack: "Sugar Chocolate Kiss!"
Colors: Dark Brown, Chocolate

Saya is the eight year old leader of the Neapolitan Precure, solely based off the fact that she took a poll and Chocolate was the most popular ice cream flavor. She's known as the prettiest girl in her third grade class, and is well liked by her teachers and classmates alike. She's a sweet girl who loves to help out other people and wants to make everyone around her smile and be happy. She loves anything that has to do with princesses, and is an avid fan of Disney movies and little girl's anime alike, and has a large collection of princess related items. She was once torn between her desire to be a princess and to be a famous sweet maker, until she decide she would be the best sweet making princess in the whole wide world instead. Both of her parents are currently overseas for work, so she lives with her older sister, Kagari. Saya isn't the brightest light in the box, and although earnest, sometimes her helpful ideas tend to backfire on her. She can be a bit of a crybaby, but she wants to be strong like her older sister, so she does her best not to cry even when she wants to.

yuutakabe_icon.jpgcurevanilla_icon.jpgYuu Takabe/Cure Vanilla
Voiced By: Matsuura Ayu
Intro: "A Burst of Energy! Cure Vanilla!"
Item: Vanilla Bubble Wand
Attack: "Sugar Vanilla Swirl!"
Colors: Cream, White

Yuu is an eight year old girl known for being a tomboy, who has never met a tree that she doesn't want to climb. Enthusiastic and energetic, she likes to play sports and is currently on her neighborhood baseball team. Her father is a pro wrestler and her mother is a race car driver, so she's grown up pretty much entrenched in sports. She loves them all, and wants to try out everything at least once. The type of kid you have to drag kicking and screaming into bed, she never seems to tire herself out, being filled with boundless amounts of energy. Sometimes she has a bit of trouble focusing herself when not playing sports or engaged in physical activity, but she does her best anyways. Yuu is the biggest animal lover of the group, and loves being assigned to take care of Sprinkles. Because of this, she's the one who keeps Pudding at her house, because she has a knack for dealing with animals. Like Saya, she wants to help people around her, and she can't stand mean people who bully others and try to take things by force.

kimiohmiya_icon.jpgcurestrawberry_icon.jpgKimi Ohmiya/Cure Strawberry
Voiced By: Satou Satomi
Intro: "A Sparkling Life! Cure Strawberry!"
Item: Strawberry Cutie Wand
Attack: "Sugar Strawberry Twist!"
Colors: Bubblegum Pink, Deco Pink

Kimi is an eight year old girl who is known for being the smartest girl at school, who always makes the highest test grades. She already has an ambition for what she wants to do with her life, and that is to become a doctor like her mother. She isn't quite sure what kind of doctor yet, but she figures that she has time to figure that out. Out of the group, she's the most level headed and mature, and tries to reel in the energetic Yuu and the well meaning, but sometimes less than bright Saya. Although she's more leader material than Saya, she's not bothered by having her as the leader and thinks it's fun spending time with her. Before meeting Yuu and Saya, Kimi didn't have very many friends, but thanks to them, she's been able to open up to more people. As the team's brains, she comes up with plans for what they need to do whenever they find themselves in a pinch, but mostly, she's just happy to go along for the ride. She's discovered that she really does like helping people out, and that the world around her is filled with so many unique and interesting people.

Voiced By: Kadowaki Mai

The girl's mascot, Pudding is a little baby piglet that is purple in color and can also talk. It ends it's sentences with "~pudi". Pudding is the daughter of the Flavor Precure's mascot, who is a boar that goes by the name of Syrup. She aspires to one day be a wise boar like her mother, and guide her Precure into future success. She lives with Yuu, and has her own pen out in the backyard that the girls put together with the help of Yuu's parents. Pudding is very proud of her cuteness, but still can't wait for the day when she's cool looking like her mother. She tends to be rather clumsy and runs into things often because she can't always stop properly.


The unofficial mascot of the Precure, Sprinkles is really the school pet for Okashihato Elementary School and not some magical fairy. The girls are the ones in charge of taking care of her, and are the ones who named her. Despite what her name might otherwise indicate, Sprinkles is a one year old brindle Great Dane, instead of a teeny, fluffy dog. Although she strikes an impressive figure, she is really just a big softie who loves belly rubs, will do anything for butter, and is afraid of frogs and baby strollers. She's also very patient and gentle, and enjoys kissing people that she likes- which is well, pretty much everyone.

Voiced By: Miyake Kaya

Cupcake is another unofficial mascot of the girl's team, who they adopt early on in the series. Despite the cutesy name, Cupcake is really a monster that came from the- okay who am I kidding, it's a plush pug toy possessed by a Darkness Seed. Although it tries very hard to be evil, the truth of the matter is that it possesses one of the least evil things on the face on the Earth, so in spite of it's best efforts, it's just not. Although the Flavor Precure, deeming it harmless, leave it to their younger counterparts as a training exercise, the girls all find it too cute to hurt and decide to adopt it instead. Cupcake doesn't take to this at first, but after it finally realizes it's just not very good at being evil, it decides to stay with the girls. It lives with Saya from that point onward.

Flavor Precure

curesugar_icon.jpgAkari Imaizumi/Cure Sugar
Voiced By: Shitaya Noriko
Intro: "Sugar gives the gift of sweetness! With a Pinch of Flavor, Cure Sugar!"
Item: Sugar Staff
Attack: "Flavor's Blessing! Precure Sugar Wave!" "Precure Freezing Charm!"
Colors: Clay Rose, Greyed Lavender

Akari is the eighteen year old leader of the Flavor Precure, and is the best friend of Kagari who she has known since middle school, and by extension, is friends with Mitsuru. Akari is the third member of their band, and is the vocalist. Unlike the other two, she doesn't really look the part, instead wearing yukata and kimono in her free time. She has the appearance of a very traditional Japanese woman, the pinnacle of a modest beauty, but her interests don't really match her appearance. And that is exactly how she likes it. Akari became a Precure when she was fifteen years old, and since then, she has fought off three different evil empires, and is currently fighting off her fourth. She was thrown into her first battle unprepared, after the baton was passed down to her from the last group of Precure, and she doesn't want that to happen to whoever would take her place in the future. Therefore, she sought out the three girls who would become Precure in the future, and presented them with weaker versions of their powers early on, so they could get used to them before the time came for them to ever face a crisis.

jungsakuraba_icon.jpgcurespice_icon.jpgJung Sakuraba/Cure Spice
Voiced By: Yukana
Intro:"Spice gives the gift of vividness! With a Pinch of Flavor, Cure Spice!"
Item: Spice Staff
Attack: "Flavor's Blessing! Precure Spice Whirl!" "Precure Mystic Barrage!"
Colors: Mandarin, Light Orange

Jung is Akari's second in command, an eighteen year old girl who was made a Precure very shortly after her. She agreed with Akari's feelings, and helped her in her efforts to seek out the three future Precure. Jung is part Korean, on her mother's side, and was living there up until she was fifteen. It was right after she moved from Korea to Japan that she became a Precure, so the sudden shock of becoming a magical warrior combined with culture shock, combined with transitioning into new lifestyle really wore her down for awhile. Because of this, she formed very close bonds with Akari and Midori, who were there for her, and who always had her back. She views them as her sisters, even though they are not blood related, and wouldn't trade the pair of them for anything in the world. Jung is regarded as being a bit nosy, having a flair for reporting and one day plans on becoming a journalist.

midoritamazaki_icon.jpgcuresalt_icon.jpgMidori Tamazaki/Cure Salt
Voiced By: Asumi Kana
Intro: "Salt gives the gift of longevity! With a Pinch of Flavor, Cure Salt!"
Item: Salt Staff
Attack: "Flavor's Blessing! Precure Salt Shower!" "Precure Dewdrop Healing!"
Colors: Navy Blue, Slate

Midori is the third and final member of the Flavor Precure, and was the last of their batch to be found, a year later than the rest. Now eighteen, she was recruited when she was sixteen, and therefore, unlike the other two, she's only on her third evil empire. Nevertheless, she's close to the other two, and became fast friends with them rather quickly. Known for being rather perky and optimistic, she's the member with the most direct contact with the Neapolitan Precure, and sometimes spends her free time teaching them about Precure lore and history, which she became something of an expert in. Midori is one of those girls who never quite acts her age, but she doesn't really see the problem with it. She currently works part time in a sweets store, as she studies to retake her college entrance exams, having flunked the whole lot of them the first go around. She doesn't really seem to mind this either, and her motto in life appears to be 'take it easy'.


kagariijichi_icon.jpgKagari Iijichi
Voiced By: Kaida Yuko

Kagari is Saya's eighteen year old older sister, who is in charge of transporting the girls to places they need to go and watching over them. She mostly takes her duty in stride, and thinks the outfits her sister and her friends transform into are just darling, and doesn't apparently think very much about them being magical girls. She is actually best friends with the leader of the Flavor Precure, Akari, so it's not like she doesn't have experience in the matter. Kagari is a rather stunning beauty, although she leans a bit into the punk fashion style, so not everyone really thinks so when she has her nose pierced and her hair streaked in various colors. She actually has a fair bit in common with her younger sister- although she does posses a good deal more common sense. She is currently the guitarist in a punk band, and takes both this and her duty as the guardian of Neapolitan Precure very seriously. She's been referred to by Akari as "Okashihato's Strongest" before, which is something she modestly denies. It would appear that there's a history behind that...

shizukashidehara_icon.jpgShizuka Shidehara
Voiced By: Sakaguchi Daisuke

Shizuka is the twenty one year old rookie physical education teacher who just started at Okashihato this year. He's known for being something of a dorky natured young man, who has great passion for both sentai shows and magical girl anime alike. Students generally like him though, and he gets along well with little kids. It seems like being a gym teacher was his dream, and he's happily living it now. He's also the current boyfriend and eventual new husband of Kimi's mother, Sora. The pair of them are horribly embarrassing together, combining to form the world's most dopey, lovey-dovey couple, and feeling no shame about this at all. Shizuka also extends this embarrassment towards Kimi, who he views as a little tiny version of his girlfriend, and thus is ridiculously adorable. Although Kimi seems to not like this kind of behavior, she does like Shizuka, and thinks it would be okay if he became her new father in the future.

soraohmiya_icon.jpgSora Ohmiya
Voiced By: Fujimura Ayumi

Sora is a twenty five year old woman who is Kimi's mother, and works as a podiatrist. She's a very elegant and beautiful woman, and has had many men propose to her in the past before she met Shizuka. The two of them first met while she was grocery shopping, and he gave her the last package of rib roast. They talked while heading back to their own homes, and after that they stayed in touch, eventually falling for each other and reaching the point they are now. Sora loves Shizuka deeply, and is happy that Kimi seems to like him too, and is looking forward to the day that they will one day be a family together. She is eagerly planning her wedding with Shizuka at the moment, often finding herself lost in lalaland because of it. Sora is a trans woman, though before beginning her transition, she was married to Kimi's mother. The two of them peacefully split after Sora made the decision to transition, and remain on good terms, each helping to raise Kimi together.

seinatakashita_icon.jpgSeina Takeshita
Voiced By: Tange Sakura

Seina is the twenty eight year old teacher who is in charge of supervising the girls while they take care of Sprinkles. She also teaches fifth grade math and in her free time, she does kickboxing. Ever since Yuu found this out, she's had something of a crush on the woman, admiring her and thinking that she is the coolest person in the world, wanting to grow up to be just like her. Although she's happy to have such a big fan, it embarrasses Seina a little. She enjoys her job, and also offers tutoring to students who are falling behind in math class, and tries to make her subject as simple to understand as possible. She's a very will liked teacher because of this. At first she was supposed to teach high school math, but there was a mix up that resulted in her being employed at the attached elementary school instead. She ended up liking it so much however, that she decided to stay and continue on at Okashihato. She was also the one who brought Sprinkles into the school as the school pet, after she spotted her in a local animal shelter, thus why she's in charge of her as well.

aitomaruyama_icon.jpgAito Maruyama
Voiced By: Sakai Noa

Aito is a eight year old boy who is in Saya's class, and sits right behind her. He's also head over heels in love with her, at least to the extent in which boys his age fall in love with people. He thinks she's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen in his entire life. Although normally outgoing and talkative, he turns into a mush of feelings whenever Saya is around and therefore just sort of ends up babbling endlessly and saying various embarrassing things. Sometimes Aito goes to Shizuka for advice, seeing as the man is in a successful relationship with a beautiful women, but often he ends up taking the advice in a way that backfires on him in a hilarious manner. Aito is the younger brother of a well known high school soccer player, and endlessly gets bothered about when he's going to start playing soccer. Aito, however, is more taken with kendo, and has been trying to beg his father to let him go study it, though they don't seem to agree that he should. He seems to be acquainted with Akari, Kagari, and Jung, although he doesn't really remember how they met in the first place.

mitsurumuraoka_icon.jpgMitsuru Muraoka
Voiced By: Nakamura Yuuichi

Mitsuru is Kagari's best friend and the drummer in her band. He gets along well with Saya when he meets her and apparently has a younger brother around her age as well, so he's used to dealing with little kids. He can be a little bit absent minded, but luckily, he has Kagari around the pick up his slack. The two of them have been friends since middle school, and Mitsuru was the one who really got her into the punk scene. Although he and Kagari are very close, they aren't interested in each other romantically at all, content and happy being friends. Saya, however, thinks that Kagari must have a crush on Mitsuru, although this isn't really the case, and together with the help of Yuu and Kimi, tries to help them get together with each other.

Minor Characters

  • Syrup- Pudding's mother, and the mascot and mentor for the Flavor Precure. She is a full grown boar.
  • Otome Tenkuu- The bassist and final member of Kagari's band, she's friends with Kagari, Mitsuru, and Akari. She's the oldest at twenty and works at a punk clothing store.
  • Reika Hyakurai- The owner of the animal shelter that is located across from Yuu's house.
  • Anubis- The leader of the current group of villains that the Flavor Precure are fighting. Apparently he has the ability to control animals and possess a pretty high degree of integrity for a villain.
  • Makoto Uehara- A classroom bully who appears in episode eight, he's an unpleasant eight year old boy who likes throwing his weight around and forcing people to do what he wants.
  • Mayumi Furukawa- The leader of a local theater troupe, he sometimes arranges plays for young children in the park.
  • Rina Nakazawa: A former friend of Akari and Jung's that they still think fondly of, who is implied to no longer be in this world.

Movie/OVA Characters

Ryuusei Kubota
Voiced By: Miyano Mamoru

A nineteen year old boy who lives on a merchant's ship after the death of his parents, he was taken in by the captain, his uncle, and has been working there, mostly doing the cleaning and the cooking. One day, he comes across a beautiful young girl while in port, and falls in love with her. They spend a pleasant day together, but at the end of the day, she is suddenly taken away, and he learns that she's a princess, who had run away from the castle for the day. Determined to claim her hand, Ryuusei prays for help to the gods, but is instead answered by a dark mermaid spirit, intent on tricking him. While it grants his initial wish, disguising him as a young noble lord, it intends to take him instead.

Kanami Otsuka
Voiced By: Hirohashi Ryou

The nineteen year old princess of a small but powerful island, famous for it's spices, Kanami is a sheltered young girl who has never been allowed to leave the confines of her room. One day, she escapes and goes out into the city, where she meets Ryuusei, and falls in love with him after spending the day to get to know him. However, she is dragged back to the mansion after being caught and is once again confined to her room. At the height of her despair, Kanami prays that someone will come and grant her happiness- a prayer that is answered in the form of three little girls, a talking pig, and a talking stuffed animal, all of which she needs to figure out how to conceal from her parents and the guards. But maybe- just maybe, they can also help her.

Megumi Mifune
Voiced By: Takahashi Chiaki

The dark spirit who grants Ryuusei's wish, she is really a mermaid living in the bay. She has been watching human sailors come and go for hundreds of years, occasionally finding one that she fancies and tricking him into thinking she has granted his wishes. When he reaches the height of his despair after hitting the height of his happiness, she claims him for her own and drags him to the depths and turns them into fish creatures. When granting a wish, she can take upon a human form, appearing as a twenty year old woman and does so during the course of the movie, infiltrating the royal family's residence as a servant. But it seems that even Megumi has a hidden heart inside of her, and maybe she's not as wicked as she seems to be.

Art by Kris
Hitomi Aoishi/Cure Pistachio

Voiced By: Ikue Ohtani
Intro: "A sweet heart, Cure Pistachio!"
Item: Pistachio Hammer
Attack: "Sugar Pistachio Crunch!"
Color: Light Green, Pistachio Green

Hitomi is a shy, nervous girl with a slight inferiority-complex. She doesn't think she's good at anything but reading and being quiet; she's actually rather surprised she was chosen to be a Cure in the first place. Hitomi has a tendency to blush fiercely and deny any compliments she's given, depreciating herself in the process. She's easily-startled, and hides behind her hands a lot. As a Cure, this doesn't change at all. When Hitomi was a baby, her mother left the family without warning, leaving her dad, an up-and-coming author, to raise her on his own. However, when she turned two, he met and later married Aina. Hitomi loved Aina immediately, without any of the feared drama there'd be of having a new mother. Actually, Hitomi was very happy to have a mommy. The three of them live together, one happy family.


  • Sweetheart Lockets: The Neapolitan Precure's transformation items, they are little plastic heart shaped lockets that come in purple, pink, and red, respectively that are worn on colorful, beaded chains. To transform, they shout out, "Precure! Confectionery Swirl!"
  • Flavor Lockets: The Flavor Precure's transformation items, they are little gold heart shaped lockets worn on a silver chain. To transform, they shout out, "Precure! Kiss of Flavor!"
  • Cutie Contact Phones: A communication device for the Neapolitan Precure. They can connect to each others devices, so they can always talk to each other and can also connect to conventional cellphones as well. Saya's is connected to Kagari and her parents, Yuu's is connected to her parents and their managers, and Kimi's is connected to both of her mothers and to Shizuka.
  • Darkness Seed: Anubis implants these in objects to create the monsters that the Flavor Precure fight. Cupcake has one of these inside of him that powers him, but it's later replaced by Precure power. They only appear in Cupcake's episode and episode twelve.
  • Mermaid Music Box: The music box that transports the Neapolitan Precure to the alternate world, it is a memento from that place that ended up in the human world.


  • Kochamachi: The town in which everyone lives, it is a small town that is famous for having a number of famous sweet shops in it.
  • Angel's Kiss Crêperie: A crepe shop in town that is rather famous for it's sweet crepes, that is run by Saya's mother. While she is overseas, it is currently being run by her second in charge.
  • Okashihato Elementary School: The elementary school that Saya, Yuu, and Kimi attend. It was constructed in the pre-war era, and has an old school building in the back that is now only used for storage and few clubs. There's also a middle school and a high school attached to it.
  • Kochamachi Candy Shop: Kochamachi's biggest and most well known sweet shop, which sells candies and ice cream of ever flavor and variety imaginable. Midori works here part time.
  • Kochamachi Park: The city's heart and center, a lovely park with a famous rose garden and a large playground. The Neapolitan Precure often pass time here.


Song Information
Song Title
Performed By
"Sugar! Hearts! Sweets! Neapolitan Precure!"
SweetCure Trio
"A Confectionery Dream"
Hidaka Rina
Movie OP
"Change! Precure Romance!"
SweetCure Trio
Movie ED
"From Star Crossed to Sugar Kissed"
"Sugar! Hearts! Sweets! Neapolitan Precure! ~Quartet Mix~"
SweetCure Quartet


Episode Number
Release Date
First Appearance of
"Going for a Walk! Around the Town with Sprinkles!"
It's a Sunday, and Saya, Yuu, and Kimi have all gathered at Okashihato in order to take care of Sprinkles. Deciding that it would be a grand adventure to take him on a walk all by themselves, they sneak out from under Seina's supervision, using their Precure super strength to handle the large dog! Halfway on the walk though, he gets loose, leaving our Precure to track him down!

Saya Iijichi, Yuu Takabe, Kimi Ohmiya, Pudding, Sprinkles, Kagari Iijichi, Seina Takashita, Akari Imaizumi
"Hunt for the Lost Treasure! Let's Explore!"
When Yuu stumbles onto what appears to be a treasure map buried amongst her father's old things, she recruits Saya and Kimi, hoping that they'll be able to uncover it. On the way, they discover many forgotten places in Kochamachi.

Sora Ohmiya, Jung Sakuraba, Syrup, Aito Maruyama
"Matchmaker Precure! We'll Make Your Heart's Wishes Come True!"
Convinced that her older sister, Kagari, is in love with her friend Mitsuru, Saya convinces Kimi and Yuu to help her play matchmaker for the two of them.

Mitsuru Muraoka, Otome Tenkuu
"A Home for Lost Animals! Let's Save the Shelter!"
When Yuu hears that the animal shelter that she goes to play at across from her house might be shut down, she's horrified, and with the help of Kimi and Saya, the three of them use their Precure powers to earn money to save the shelter.

Midori Tamazaki, Reika Hyakurai
"That Special Day! A Mother's Birthday!"
When the Precure learn from Pudding that her mother's birthday is coming up, they decide to throw a surprise birthday party for her. But when their plans go awry, they need to scramble at the last minute to make sure Syrup has the memorable day she deserves!

Shizuka Shidehara
"Far Away From Home! The Adventures of a Baby Panda!"
After hearing that a baby panda has wandered away from the zoo and gotten lost, Kimi decides to help, and with Saya and Yuu, the three Precure search high and low for the lost little panda bear, getting a little help from Midori.

Mayumi Furakawa
"Rainy Days Don't Have to be Depressing! An Imaginary Adventure!"
Their plans to go to the park shattered by a rainy day, our three Precure instead decide to spend it indoors, playing a game of pretend, using the Flavor Precure, and get Kagari and Mitsuru to join in on the game.

"Princesses Can Be Strong! Chocolate Will Have None of That!"
After learning that there is someone bullying her classmates, Saya decides to stand up for them, and gets in over her head. But the determined little girl won't back down, and with the power of the Precure, she'll win over this bully!

Makoto Uehara, Hitomi Aoishi
"Too Cute! The Monster That's Not Very Monstrous."
On her way to school, Yuu comes across what appears to be a living plush pug doll. When she learns that it's a monster, she transforms into a Precure, eager to show her stuff and defeat it, but soon she learns that much as it would like to be, it's not very evil at all!

"Being Good is Okay! Let's Play Together!"
Together, the three Precure try to convince Cupcake that it's okay to be good, and that he doesn't have to be evil just because he's a monster. Meanwhile, the girls are called into school to help with a test of courage in the old school building, and they try and convince Cupcake to help.

"Love is in the Air! I'll Ask Her to the Dance!"
Okashihato is hosting a small dance for children, and Aito decides that he's going to find a way to woo Saya between now and then, hoping that he'll be able to dance with her. But things don't go quite as planned, in spite of his best efforts.

"My Sister and Best Friend are Magical Girls!"
A day in the life of Kagari, as she helps out her little sister and her friends with their plans for the day, and her planned time with Akari is interrupted by sudden monster attacks.

"Someday, I'll Be Your Father! Kimi and Shizuka's Day Out."
After a long awaited trip with Shizuka to the Aquarium goes awry due to poor planning on his part, and he ends up missing it, Shizuka becomes determined to make it up to her with an even better day out. But with Kimi still mad at him for missing their first future father/daughter date, can he make her happy this time and get her to forgive him?

"Weddings are Expensive! Let's be Idols for a Day!"
After overhearing from her mother that they are having trouble scraping together all the funds for her dream wedding, and that she might have to forgo several things, Kimi decides to raise the money for her. A chance presents itself in the form of a singing contest in the park, and our Precure decide to become an idol trio- only to find themselves up against the Flavor Precure?

"Even Friends Fight Sometimes! Saya's Bad Day."
One day upon coming to school, Saya finds that Kimi and Yuu are fighting. Not knowing what to do to get them to make up, she ends up asking for advice from several people, including Kagari, Mitsuru, Shizuka, Aito, Seina, and the Flavor Precure.

"The Teacher That's the Coolest! Yuu's Admiration."
After learning that their pet supervisor, Seina, does kickboxing, Yuu becomes determined to get her to teach her the ropes. But she finds it's not that easy!

"Let's Put on a Show! The Precure are Actresses!"
When a practice session with their powers accidentally winds up destroying the set a local theater troupe was putting up to do a play for the kindergartners, our Precure decide to make it up by doing a play by themselves.

"Stay Here! Cure Spice Might Move?"
When Saya hears from Kagari that Jung might be moving back to Korea, the Neapolitan and Flavor Precure join forces in order to ensure that she can stay in the place that she has begun to call home.

"The Dreaded Leader of Evil! Eh, It's a Day Off?"
Apparently even villains take days off, as it's shown when the trio crosses paths with Anubis- the current villain that the Flavor Precure are fighting. Although they initially panic, it seems like he's taking the day off, and certainly wouldn't even be interested in fighting little girls to begin with. It seems like he has plenty of frustrations about his servants to share, however.

"It's my Happy Day! Saya's Birthday."
Saya wakes up on the day of her ninth birthday, eager and excited as to what awaits her that day, and finds that her friends have arranged a fun puzzle to lead her to her birthday party. With all of her friends participating in the city wide game, it's sure to be a blast!

"Wedding Bells Toll the Future of Happiness! The Neapolitan Precure Are Flower Girls!"
Sora and Shizuka are finally getting married, and the three Precure are selected as flower girls. Together they ring in the future of the new Shidehara family, and eventually, their own future.

Movie/OVA Information
Release Date
"Adventure on the High Seas! An Journey to Another Land!"
While searching for a perfect present for Akari's upcoming birthday, the Neapolitan Precure uncover a pretty music box with a mermaid figure, which when opened, sucks the three of them, along with Cupcake and Pudding, into another world. They find themselves caught up in a once ill fated story between a sailor and a princess, and are determined to bring happiness instead of tragedy to the young couple!

"A New Friend! The Neapolitan Precure Become a Quartet...?"
Yuu has always taken notice of her class' shyest member, Hitomi, and has always tried to make friends with her. Sadly, she failed at the start of the year when she thought the best way to do this was to introduce her to Sprinkles- since then the two haven't really spoken. But when Akari visits the Neapolitan Precure, she brings them a gift- a new Sweetheart Locket! Could there be a fourth Precure? And what, exactly, happened to the Flavor Precure's fourth member?

possible Neapolitan Precure/Sweetheart Precure crossover?


  • Cure Spice shares a name with Cure Spice from Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic. She also shares a seiyuu with Cure White.
  • The school uniforms for this series were designed by the amazing Krismoth.
  • Cure Pistachio is created by the wonderful and amazing Krismoth, and was used for an OVA because she is seriously just too cute NOT to do so.
  • The movie only character, Megumi Mifune, shares a first name with Happiness Charge Precure's Cure Lovely.
  • Cure Chocolate very nearly shares a name with Cure Chocolat of Kira Kira Precure a la Mode.